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Qigong Rejuvenating Flow

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Qigong Rejuvenating Flow

Qigong rejuvenating flow is a very good practice to help you find more flow nd have more positive enrgy thorugh out the day. You can try the FREE qigong video by White Tiger Qigong Instructor, Alwyn Rea. Click the video above the full YouTube video.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the practice of cultivating energy through movement, breath, and intention or meditation. Qigong originated more than 5,000 years ago in China as a method for healing sickness and wellness. Over the past thousand years, qigong has evolved from being an exclusively Chinese cultural practice to being integrated into both Eastern and Western medicine (both in clinical treatment and homeopathic modalities).

Qigong is a holistic practice of physical, mental, and spiritual self-care that brings vital life energy into balance and stable harmony with the breath. This practice help you enjoy a more serene, balanced outlook on life through movement, meditation, breathing, and relaxation. You will experience an increased sense of well-being with regular practice of qigong. The exercises help you reach your individual needs and fitness goals.

How does Qigong Work?

Qigong is both a movement and meditation practice. The purpose of qigong is to help you to achieve complete relaxation and balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Balance your energy by qigong daily and enjoy the benefits of long-term development. Qigong involves a series of slow, powerful postures. It is both a physical and spiritual practice that can rejuvenate you by increasing your energy, improving circulation, and strengthening the immune system.

After practicing the Qigong Rejuvenating Flow, you will feel refreshed and energetic. This is a mind-body type of meditation. If you practice regularly and maintain a routine, you will feel much better by doing this 3-5 times a week.

Qigong Rejuvenating Flow Exercises for More Positive Mind, Body, and Spirit

These series of exercises are very gentle qigong routines to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. This routine has very gentle and flowy movements and exercises. Doing this qigong will have a very positive and pleasant effect on your body and mind, while also promoting your health and well-being. 

These qigong routines open up the meridian pathways which are rivers of energy that flow through your body and energize your internal organs. This will allow the smooth flow of qi and blood. It is a great routine to flush out the stagnations and blockages in the body in the meridians which can cause physical pain if left untreated. It will also assist you to flush out any emotional build-up. Emotion is energy in motion, so if you do not move, these emotions can be stuck and pent up in the body. Qigong movements allow you to move these emotions or energy in the body to rejuvenate to make you feel more positive and happier. 

This qigong routine will allow you to feel good and connect you to your inner core, inner power and connect to your natural flow as you relax into the present moment.

Qigong Rejuvenating Flow Exercises Routine:

Shaking it Out 

Shaking it out Qigong rejuvenating Flow

Shaking it out is a great exercise to warm the body and open up the body. This helps release any tension and excess energy in the body. Shaking it out is a great exercise, especially for those who have a lot of stagnation in the body. It also serves as a gentle massage to the joints, muscles, and organs, helping it relax as it releases old energy, leaving the body more rejuvenated and with fresh energy. 

Rolling the Ball 

Rolling the ball Qigong rejuvenating Flow

Rolling the Ball opens up the joints in the legs and hips. Tension in the hip area can occur when it lacks movement. In Chinese Medicine, the hip area is known to hold pent-up emotions and trauma in the body. Moving this area allows to release tension and at the same time release and let go of emotions and traumas stored in the body. This allows you to feel more positive and receive fresh energy. 

Heavenly Pillar 1 (Looking Up and Down)

Heavenly Pillars - Looking Up and Down

The Heavenly Pillar Exercises are gentle exercises for the joints. Looking Up and Down is a gentle exercise for the spine and neck. This helps relieve back pain and release neck tension. Back pain and neck tension can be a big problem. It limits movement and disturbs overall function. The spine is a very important structure in the body that helps send information to and from the brain, to and from the body. 

Girdle Vessel Rotation 

Girdle Vessel Rotation

We know that the hip is an area where pent-up emotions are stored. In Chinese Medicine, there is a band of energy surrounding the hips called the Girdle Vessel. We carry pent-up emotions in the girdle vessel area. These emotions can be caused by long-term stress, anger, and other difficult emotions. Modern life has left many people feeling drained and restless. Doing the Girdle Vessel Rotation will help release tensions and pent-up emotion in that area, allowing you to feel better and balanced. 

Wrist and Ankle Flossing

Wrist and Ankle Flossing Qigong rejuvenating Flow

Wrist and Ankle Flossing helps release the build-up of toxins such as salt in the joints. This also helps increase the fluid that allows smooth movements in the joints called Synovial Fluid. When we have a smoother flow of movement this allows better flow in our body and mind. This helps us have a better flow in our life and tasks as well. 

Eagle Spreads its Wings

The Eagle Spreads its Wings to help us lengthen the body. Lengthening the spine helps release compression in the spine which causes back pain, limits mind-body connection, and low energy. Lengthening the spines helps improve the overall flow of energy in the body. 

Two Hands Moving Heaven (Liver and Spleen Meridian)

Two hands moving heaven - Qigong rejuvenating Flow

This qigong exercise helps release stagnation in the liver and spleen. In Chinese Medicine, the organs connect to emotions. The liver connects to the emotion of frustration and anger. 

The liver is a vital organ, which helps in the process of making and breaking down nutrients, as well as in regulating our body’s chemical balance. It also helps break up excess proteins, fats, and other waste products to make them easier to pass out through the body. 

The spleen connects to the emotion of worry and anxiety. Your spleen is an organ that is a vital part of your immune system. Its main function is to act as a filter for blood, and it supports several other organs in your internal organs. Your spleen helps to break down old, malformed, or damaged red blood cells in the bloodstream. Your liver also processes this blood and breaks down balances, and creates the nutrients for your body. It then converts these nutrients into forms that are easier for the rest of your body to use. It also metabolizes drugs into forms that are easier for the rest of the body or that are less toxic

Bowing to Heaven and Earth (Kidney and Bladder Meridian)

Bowing to Heaven and Earth

This qigong exercise helps balance the kidney and bladder for these organs to function best. 

Your kidneys are an important organ in your body because they remove wastes and extra fluid from your body. The kidneys also remove acid that is produced by the cells of your body and maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals—such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium—in your blood.

The urinary bladder is the organ that collects waste called urine, it then excretes this through urination. The kidney filters the urine before it reaches the bladder.

When the kidney and bladder are in good condition, there is a better flow of water in the body such as blood. Both these organs allow the body can release waste like urine and prevent it from building up stones in the kidney when in good condition.

Qigong Meditation for Qigong Rejuvenating Flow

Qigong exercises consist of the body-breath-spirit. Through movement, we use the body to release stagnation and blockages in the body. By using breath, we guide the qi through energy pathways in the body. Through intention, we use meditation techniques to set the flow and reach a deeper state of spirituality. 

Without one of the 3 components of body-breath-spirit, it is not qigong. Doing Qigong Meditation is an essential part of qigong practices and is very beneficial in doing a qigong rejuvenating flow. 

Zhan Zhuang (Standing Qigong) 

Zhan Zhuang

Qi, or life energy, is an essential element of human existence. Today, many people feel that they have a shortage of this essential life force and often feel tired, unwell, and irritable. Zhan Zhuang, or Standing Qigong, is a standing practice or qigong pose for stimulating qi flow in the body.  Zhan Zhuang is a standing qigong practice which is very effective in qigong rejuvenating flow practice. It that allows the flow of qi to flow freely through the body. As a result, there is better functioning of internal organs, more balanced emotions, and improved health. 
Qi, or life energy, is an essential element of human existence. Today, many people feel that they have a shortage of this essential life force and often feel tired, unwell, and irritable. Zhan Zhuang, or Standing Qigong, is a standing practice for stimulating qi flow in the body.  Zhan Zhuang is a standing qigong practice which is very effective in qigong rejuvenating flow practice. It that allows the flow of qi to flow freely through the body. As a result, there is better functioning of internal organs, more balanced emotions, and improved health. 

The Zhan Zhuang alignments are done in these alignments:

  1. Feet are grounded with 10% tensions
  2. Knees released / slightly bent
  3. Knees above the ankles
  4. Hip released
  5. Sacrum dropping to the earth
  6. The spine is straight connecting to heaven
  7. Chest relaxed
  8. Shoulders relaxed
  9. Tongue touching the roof of the mouth 
  10. Crown point connecting to heaven

The benefits of the Zhang Zhuang alignments help rejuvenate the body by allowing a smoother flow of qi in the body. These alignments allow the body to connect to the energy of heaven and earth. Relaxing in this position helps bring back the natural alignment of the body and its natural posture. 

Hands in the Lower Dantian

During the qigong meditation, we can put our focus on the Lower Dantian. The Lower Dantian is also known as the “battery storage center” of the body. The Lower Dantian holds our Jing or life source which also connects to the Western medical term, DNA. By putting our hands to the Lower Dantian we connect back to our life source. We connect to the Lower Dantian both at the beginning and end of qigong practice. In the beginning, we connect to the Lower Dantian to awaken our life source and allow it to flow smoothly throughout our qigong practice. At the end of the Qigong practice, we connect back to the Lower Dantian to store the qi we cultivated during the practice in the Lower Dantian. This is very effective for qigong rejuvenating flow practice. This helps us feel more rejuvenated and feel a better flow of energy in our bodies. 

Breathing Exercise 

The qigong meditation is also accompanied by breathing exercises. The breath component of qigong allows the qi to flow into the energy pathways in the body. There are many benefits of doing qigong breathing. It helps better flow information from the brain to the body and vice versa. Qigong Breathing is a way to train the mind and body. It can help you feel more relaxed, nourished, and healthy. 


Setting intention in qigong is essential to a high-quality practice. The purpose of meditation in qigong, is to deepen our spiritual state and help us open up to the flow nature of qigong. This is very helpful for qigong rejuvenating flow practice. Setting intention in qigong is an important part of your practice. Setting an intention gives you clarity and focus on your goal. Meditation in qigong is a great way to help reach a deeper spiritual state and experience everything with more awareness.

White Tiger Qigong for Qigong Rejuvenating Flow 

If you’re looking for a new form of exercise that can help you feel rejuvenated and reenergized – qigong is perfect for you. Take your health to the next level with a new insight into your qigong practice.  Qigong is a wide term that covers a number of different types of meditation and exercises.  Our courses will help you learn more about them and how to incorporate them into your routine. Click the banner below to learn more about our All Access Qigong Online Course.

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