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Category: Date: 29 July 2021 Comments: 2

I see people searching on Google for Qigong Mastery online, but is that possible? How can you learn Qigong and become proficient in an online training experience? Could you master Qigong Training practices online? How do you uphold the integrity of this ancient art while making it accessible to anyone? How to design an online curriculum that anyone could do, but would be challenging even for the advanced practitioner? These are precisely the questions that I wrestled with. While it can take years to master an entire Qigong system, if you break it down into small digestible chunks, it is possible to gain proficiency and even mastery in a much shorter period of time. Here is a piece of detailed information about Qigong Mastery program we developed and the journey of the training program.

Recognizing that I am not good at much, but just a few things, I turned to education experts. I had worked with two different education experts in designing White Tiger Qigong’s curriculum. However, this was a new challenge and I needed to find someone to help me. Someone with a skillset in designing online education and after a lot of searching, I finally found that person. She was quite expensive to work, but totally worth it! It did not happen quickly, but after many head-wrenching sessions, we finalized a big curriculum into digestible chunks.

We have 3 core levels of Qigong training in the Qigong Mastery Program

  • Level 1 – Body: Discover the body mechanics and alignment of each Qigong exercise, plus the essential theory behind each movement. We do a deep dive into Qigong theory and even the controversial and long history behind Qigong. I have taken and seen many Qigong courses out there and some are better than others. I can say with confidence that after taking one level of our teacher training course will have you more knowledge of Qigong than 90% of western Qigong practitioners out there.
  • Level 2 – Breath: Discover how to combine your breath and movements together to achieve a true mind-body connection, through a fusion of Taoist traditional knowledge and sports science. This is also the “Qi” level in the Teacher Training course. On this level you will understand how Qi works and how to direct it through the body to where you want it to go. We break this down into a tangible practice using a sports science framework. I have seen Qigong practitioners’ learning curve reduced by years just from this level.
  • Level 3 – Spirit: In the spirit, we discover the synchronization of body, breath, and spirit. Where we flow states, through a fusion of neuroscientifically proven techniques and ancient Taoist ways. This is where your practice can reach a profound level. Graduating this level is crucial in your journey to mastering Qigong.

So what’s the next step?

The next 2 levels are for those who want to really use their Qigong in their daily lives.

  1. Level 4 – Prescription Qigong:  Discover how to use Chinese Medicine, sports science, and sports medicine frameworks to prescribe Qigong exercises for specific ailments, illnesses, body pain, and emotional balance
  2. Level 5Teacher Training Begin to explore Qigong as a career path. You’ll learn how to structure and teach various Qigong classes, deal with problematic students, and teach each form in-depth. You will also learn how to design your own niche or Qigong course curriculum. This, combined with your specialty or unique skill or passion with Qigong. This level is good for practitioners who wanted to get deep with Qigong. There are tests at the end of this to certify to become a Qigong teacher.

Trinity system and application of the Mastery Program

We have three core systems of Qigong in White Tiger Qigong. The Trinity system is applied in the Mastery Program to all three systems. For each system you pass levels 1-4 you can earn a certificate of P1-4. This means Practitioner Level 1-4. For example, after passing the 8 Trigram Qigong Mastery Course levels 1-5 you will be a P1 (Practitioner Level 1).  For each Teacher Training you pass, you will be a Level 1-5 Teacher.  As we add new training we may increase the Practitioner Levels and Teacher Levels.

Mastery and Instructor Levels

A level 5 Teacher will be eligible to become a Senior Instructor. A Senior Instructor is someone who has not only spent years with White Tiger Qigong but has also contributed significantly to the growth and development of White Tiger Qigong. Senior Instructors are chosen by the Master Instructor of White Tiger Qigong who is currently, Tevia Feng. 

An Expert Instructor is an instructor who has been a Senior Instructor with White Tiger Qigong. This along with a proven 90% proficiency in all White Tiger Qigong systems and has completed advanced training.

There is only one Master Instructor of WTQ. The Master Instructor has the ability to choose a successor to become the next Master Instructor of WTQ. This is only applicable if he or she is part of White Tiger Qigong.

For those who are not so serious about Qigong, but would rather just reap the benefits of it, we recommend the Body – Spirit Balance Program.

Now as you can see, there is a clear path for those who want to Master Qigong in an online training program. While it is not easy, the challenge is part of the fun and the journey that is richly rewarding!

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