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Qigong Holistic Healing: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Category: Date: 2 August 2021 Comments: 0

There are many promising ways to cure or treat illness. Both Modern Medicine and Western medicine. White Tiger Qigong has a holistic approach to healing with Qigong. Qigong is an ancient art form of healing, not just the body, but also the mind and spirit. The practice of qigong has been very effective says the people who experienced it first hand. This is not just good for health but overall well-being. Tevia’s experiences with Qigong helped him create the holistic approach of Qigong for the Body, Mind, and Spirit System.

What made Qigong a holistic? How does the healing of the Body, Mind and Spirit work?

There are many kinds of Qigong some are documented and some are not. There are more than 3,000 known and documented qigong to date, not to mention the ones that are kept in secrecy by hermits, monks, and nomads. Some of these people live away from civilization and practice Qigong. However, only a few people get to have this pure and pristine knowledge. This ancient healing technique which White Tiger Qigong made into a system where Qigong connects with the Body, mind as well as spirit. This is a holistic way of healing. Healing the Body, Mind, and spirit.

Qigong Holistic healing

Categories of Qigong

There are vast kinds of qigong and vary from one to another and to assort all of the qigong is impossible. However, we can break it into five main branches.

  • Daoist qigong – This kind of qigong provides a way to reach longevity, endurance and spiritual connection as well as wisdom.
  • Buddhist qigong – It is known for it’s deep meditation practices leading to spiritual path of awakening.
  • Confucianist qigong – This kind of Qigong aims to be a Junzi (君子) through practicing good morals.
  • medical qigong – This is a fusion of contemporary medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. This works by balancing “Spirit-Body-Mind” energies. Additionally applying TCM and a dash of western medicine. Medical Qigong is functional Qigong. Medical Qigong has many benefits.

What is the Holistic way that is Tevia practicing? How does the Qigong for Body, Mind, and Spirit aligns?

Tevia is a Master Teacher and founder of White Tiger Qigong. He began practicing martial arts, Qigong, and meditation at the age of 7. As a student of Qigong, he journeyed all around China and the world seeking the greatest masters including the northwestern part of Hubei, Beijing, and Southern China, where he met and trained extensively with several true Qigong masters. Tevia also learns different techniques of Qigong along the way. As a result, White Tiger Qigong came to birth. White Tiger Qigong is based on the Holistic healing of Daoist Qigong belief. Daoist Qigong has different types also.

What is the connection of Dao de Jing to Qigong?

Laozi of Dàodé Jīng – The belief is base on nature. This is not focusing on the religious aspect. However, they believe that the spirit within you is somehow connected to the physical body.

Our awareness and consciousness relate to our spirit. So if we have extra emotions, these will put pressure on our organs. As a result, our organs will hurt. Qigong is a collection of movements, stances, and postures that will give balance to the body, mind, and spirit. This ancient practice takes a different understanding of life, force, or energy that beams around every single thing in the universe. Therefore tapping into the specific energies around us will have a tremendous effect on our Qi. We have our Trinity system to increase healing and protect the aspects of the Body, Mind, and Spirit holistically.

Body and Spirit Balance Program

In Chinese Medicine and Taoist theory, emotions accumulate as physical memories in the body. This will leave an imprint deep inside the tissue. Our emotions connect to the organs of our body. Imagine all the pent-up stress and negative emotions we have every day. This leads to discomfort in specific regions of the body, tense muscles, and even postural imbalances.

Training Qigong for Body, Mind and Spirit?

Qigong Teacher Training Curriculum

We have 3 core levels of Qigong training in the Qigong Mastery Program. This is where you will understand more about the holistic healing of Qigong for Spirit, Mind, and Body. White Tiger Qigong practices ancient healing of body, mind, and spirit where modern science meets ancient technique. It is very important to keep our emotional balance in check especially with the pandemic, stress, anxiety, and grief. The pandemic itself is taking a toll on our physical bodies as well as our jobs. Therefore with White Tiger Qigong, has a mission to open the pathway for people to ignite transformation. This will help people reach their maximum potential. In addition to this, creating a community that helps each other transform and heal.

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