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Qigong for Vitality

Category: Date: 6 August 2022 Comments: 0

Qigong for Vitality

Qigong for Vitality - A woman in fist palm hand in a qigong class

Qigong for vitality helps one live a better life. In this blog let’s learn how qigong for vitality can be achieved.

What Is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient practice that is a balance of movement and meditation. It has been around for around 5,000 years. This practice is known in China as the science of human potential and development. 

Qi means “energy” and Gong means “to work”. Qigong is the art of working on energy. Through qigong, we work on energy by cultivating it through movement and meditation.


What Are the Benefits of Doing Qigong for Vitality?

Increases Energy

Qigong helps increase energy and improve the energy flow in the body. Through movement and meditation, we work on energy to release stagnation and blockages in the energy channels. This allows better energy flow in the body and increases energy in our body. We also cultivate, preserve and store energy through qigong by connecting to the energy storage system of our body and packing the energy thereafter cultivating energy through qigong practice. Increasing energy is one of the effects of doing qigong for vitality.


Increases Metabolism and Helps Maintain Healthy Body Weight 

Qigong increases and strengthens the metabolism. It is a good and easy exercise that can also help improve digestion. When digestion is good, our body can transform energy better and faster for the body to use instead of being stored as fat. 

Qigong also helps relieve stress, which connects to the digestive system as well. When the body is stressed, the digestive system does not function well. Doing qigong for vitality helps increase metabolism and maintain a healthy body weight. 


Helps in Having Better Concentration and Focus 

Qigong helps increase focus and concentration by reconnecting our bodies, harmonizing our breath, and flowing with the spirit. 

This strengthens the mind-body connection as we become more aware of our energy through mindful movement. This is one of the strengths of doing qigong for vitality. 

Harmonizing the breath through qigong breathwork techniques allows us to minimize the monkey mind by re-centering our focus on the breath. The breath is the most natural and primary source that connects us to our essence. Qigong breathwork techniques help us to silence all other noises in the head that are an effect of everyday pressures, stress, and multitasking. Breath is a very important component in doing qigong for vitality. 

As we keep practicing qigong it will help us maintain a more centered spirit. Qigong helps us achieve more flow by connecting with the spirit through practice. Moving in a flow state helps us to move without thinking too much and have a deeper focus. It helps us concentrate better in the practice, as well as in all our other tasks.


Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Other Negative Emotions 

Qigong systems such as the White Tiger Qigong system help in releasing stress and anxiety which are emotions stored in the sustained toxins. This kind of system will help us have a good program for qigong for vitality.  In Chinese medicine, it is known that negative emotions are stored in the body. If these emotions are not expressed properly they can be stored in the body as toxins. Through expansion and contraction, qigong exercise helps squeeze out toxins in the body, for example, in the organs and the facial system.    


Improves Flexibility and Overall Body Strength

Qigong postures and movements help improve both flexibility and overall body strength. This practice uses active stretching, which is more optimal in reaching flexibility as this engages the muscles rather than depending on outside sources or stimuli (e.g. coach, trainer, etc.). Doing active stretching improves both flexibility and body strength, which is healthier because it avoids overusing the muscles beyond their current capacity. This reduces the possibility of injuries. 


Improves Overall Circulation

Qigong helps improve the body’s overall circulation such as blood circulation and energy flow circulation. Through qigong exercise, the body opens up to more flow. The movements in qigong serve as a pump that helps release stagnations and blockages in the body’s blood pathways and energy channels. This improves circulation and flow of blood and energy in the body 


Enhances the Immune System

Qigong heals the body by enhancing the immune system. This is by wringing out toxins in the organs. The movements in qigong do not only focus on the external movements, and body alignments, it wrings out the organs as well. Through this, the organs such as the lungs which is the main organ that is responsible for the immune system releases any blockages that cause stagnation in the organ. This aids the organ to have more circulation and function at its maximum. The movements and meditation in qigong also help store more energy in the organs which helps the organs have more vitality to function well. 



Qigong also helps reduce aging. It helps lower signs and symptoms of aging both in the physical appearance and body functions. Qigong has been known to reduce hypertension, balance blood pressure, and decrease the chances to get a stroke. It also helps improve heart function and increases the production of anti-aging enzymes among others.  


Qigong for Vitality Effects

Qigong for vitality is refective. It is an overall and all-around exercise that can help in all aspects of the health and vitality of the human body. Doing qigong for vitality will be effective if we do it regularly. We can receive the full benefits of qigong for vitality if we do it as a lifestyle instead of just an option to do or not.   


Here is a video of Qigong to increase your energy and mood.

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