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Qigong for Positive Energy

Category: Date: 19 March 2023 Comments: 0

Qigong for Positive Energy

Qigong for positive energy is a wonderful form of exercise which helps you to keep a positive attitude, boost your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It provides an opportunity for deep relaxation, as well as a way of connecting with yourself and the world around you. In our world today, it is difficult to find someone that understands how important positive energy is in our lives. This is especially true for those who suffer from depression, anxiety and other illnesses. By practicing qigong and being positive yourself, you can use your mind and body to heal yourself.

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What is Qigong?

Qigong is a balance practice of movement, meditation, and energy cultivation that has been used for over 5,000 years in China. It promotes health, vitality, strength, and wellness through movement, breathing techniques, and intention. Using this natural therapy can help you relax and connect with your spirit.

How Does Qigong for Positive Energy Work?

In literal translation Qigong means “working with energy”. Qi (pronounced “chee”), which is the energy of life, flows easily through us when we are in balance and living comfortably. We can create balance through practicing Qigong. Qigong is known to be a system of exercises that release stagnation and blockages in the body by moving, stretching, rotating, and extending our energy channels.

Through Qigong we use movement, breath, and intention to cultivate energy by releasing stagnation and blockages in the body. Through movement we squeeze out toxins in the energy vessels (the organs) and energy channels (meridians) that are causing illness, disease, and pain. When we have illness, disease, and pain it is difficult to cultivate energy and to have positive energy as there is a lack of flow in the body. 

Who can do Qigong for Positive Energy?

We all have off days and nights, sometimes we get tired and need a little boost to our energy. Qigong for positive energy is the perfect way to release stress, increase energy and help you feel better. Whether you are an active individual who needs to balance your body after draining your energy or someone who needs to add movement to your body to help circulate energy flow. Qigong is a vital practice in our lives, it can help us focus more and feel better every day.

Qigong is great for all levels and ages. It gives the body a natural way to connect with our own life source and to cultivate it through movement, breath, and intention. It also allows us to connect with the abundant energy of the universe. This allows us to have better energy flow within and without.

Benefits of Qigong for Positive energy:

There are tons of benefits of doing qigong for positive energy and here are some:

  • Have a more positive outlook in your daily life
  • Use this as an exercise to release stagnant energy and have a more happier and positive well-being
  • Release tension and blockages in the body
  • Have more motivation to do tasks
  • Sleep better and wake up with more energy
  • Have better focus to fulfill tasks
  • Be more open to others
  • Have better health in general
  • Express yourself positively
  • Have better emotional balance

Qigong for Positive Energy Exercises

Meridian Qigong for Positive Energy

  • Shaking it Out
Shaking it out qigong

This qigong exercise is an ancient exercise of letting go. Through this we let go not only the tension in the body but also the tension in our thoughts (mind) and emotions (mental states). By doing this we cultivate positive energy by allowing our body to open up and let go of control. 

By practicing this exercise we are able to let go of stress, tension and muscular tightness that lead to negative energy. This allows us to cultivate positive energy in our body and our mind. Additionally, through yoga we are able to cultivate positive feelings of calmness, inner peace and spiritual love.

  • Girdle Vessel Rotation 
Girdle Vessel Rotation qigong

This qigong exercise is great for cultivating positive energy by releasing tension in the girdle vessel area. The Girdle Vessel is like an energy belt surrounding the hip area. In different practices such as qigong and yoga, the hip area or the girdle vessel is known to store trauma and negative emotions. This qigong exercise ultimately helps us release blockages and attain a healthier body.

  • Liver and Spleen Meridian – Two Hands Moving Heaven 
Two hands moving heaven - liver and spleen meridian qigong

This qigong exercise is great to open up the body and release stagnations. The liver and the spleen are two organs that are very essential for body function. When the liver and spleen are in great shape our body can function best and we will have more vitality and energy. 

8 Trigram Qigong for Positive Energy 

  • Dragon Back – The Wave 
Dragon Back / The Wave

Dragon Back is one of the best qigong exercises for releasing tension and stiffness in your spine. The Chong Mai vessel lies along the spine and is very important as it helps circulate the Jing or life essences to the organs. When the jing is abundant then the organs will have more energy to perform their task which affects our overall state. This will result in a more positive outcome and state. 

Violet Light Meditation for Positive Energy

In the Violet Light Meditation we connect to the energy of heaven and earth. This allows us to melt down all the stagnant energy as we allow the violet light to enter our body through our crown point. As the violet light melts down our body to the earth, we also connect the energy of heaven and earth with our own life source. Harmonizing this energy within and without results in having more energy and allows us to function more positively.

Learn more about Qigong for Positive Energy 

If you want to learn more about qigong for positive energy you can check out our courses by clicking the banners below. Take a step into a more postive attitutde with great health and better strength. See what a difference you can make in your life, with qigong.

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