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Qigong For Neck Tension Relief

Category: Date: 5 October 2021 Comments: 1

Do you experience tension in your neck? We have an answer for that! So what kind of Qigong form can help your neck tension? Today Natalia, Senior White Tiger Qigong instructor will share forms and insights. In this video, she will walk us through a set of simple Qigong exercises. These exercises are easy to follow and quickly relieve neck tension with Qigong. Additionally, you can do this even while sitting down in a chair. It will help you to relieve that tension on the neck. This Qigong for neck tension relief will help you get going despite being staying at home.

Neck tension is a common problem that is plaguing working individuals, especially with the pandemic and having to work from home. This means sitting down is the position that we fall in most of the time. Secondly, when we work from home, we don’t pay much attention to our posture. As a result, we develop different kinds of imbalances in our body that can create tension in your spine, in your neck, and worst, headaches.

How does the tension in the Neck form

Qigong Tension In Your Neck

Causes of neck tension

The neck supports the head and body so tension build-up is inevitable. It’s very important to do those little poses while you working. This will allow energy circulation throughout the body and today. There are a lot of possible reasons why you may be having tension in the neck. Here are the common causes:

  • Posture and steady motion. Posture can greatly impact the tension of the neck. Additionally, the neck muscles are forced to work harder than they should if you are over weight. This can cause a big strain in the fascia, muscles and the nerves around the neck and shoulders. People who constantly sit at work and that requires them to perform repetitive posture often strain the muscles in their neck. The bad posture squeezes the nerve and causes the pain and tension.
  • Gadgets. Who doesn’t love checking and updating our social media? Mobile, computer games, psp and other gadgets can be so fun but not for our neck musles. Hunching over and bending for a long period of time isn’t a natural position for the body as a result, muscles get strained in the process.
  • Bruxism and sleep position. We are usually unaware of how we sleep and do during sleep. Some sleepers even grind their teeth. Grinding or clenching teeth puts pressure on the muscles in your neck and jaw. This goes the same with our sleeping posistion. When we hold our position for a long time gets the same pressure.
  • Exercise and activities. Whether you’re striding the tracks, weight lifting or doing any heavy activities can so something to our body. This can cause minor pain or worst neck injury.
  • Stress and Trauma. Stress and worry stiffened the muscles that can cause trauma around the neck muscles. This is almost the same way when Tevia had a brutal car accident and injured his spine.

Qigong forms for Neck Tension Relief

There are a lot of Qigong forms that can help relieve neck tension. This Qigong form is called heavenly pillars. This can specifically target muscles around our neck. This is a very good form of Qigong for neck tension relief and this exercise will bring that energy circulation through your arms and through your spine and around your neck. The energy will go all the way into the brain to make sure that there is no more neck tension.

How to do Qigong For Neck Tension Relief?

Start off by bringing your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly follow Natalia’s video. Make sure to breathe slowly and relax. Take this time to stretch the muscles around your arms, neck, and torso. The qigong for neck tension relief is also a good practice to relieve muscle spasms around the back and neck area. In fact, we have a Qigong for neck and upper back pain that can help manage the tension. Inside our Qigong for neck and upper back pain are forms that can help neck tension relief and even back pain.

How does the Qigong relieve neck Tension?

In Qigong, we want to go deep into the flow. We recommend making this practice a habit. A good practice can only develop if we do it repeatedly. Qigong practice is not like any other exercise like running, swimming, or jogging where the goal is just to finish and sweat. In Qigong, to reach a deeper state we need to focus, concentrate but relax. We need to develop our proprioceptive and interoceptive awareness. Entering into a flow state is a key to achieving maximum potential. Whether you are writing, doing sports, spiritual practices, investments, decision making, and even relationships. When you get into a good flow state it is easier for your body to heal, stay sharp, and as a result, be pain-free.

What are the Qigong forms that relieve neck tension quickly?

Earlier, Natalia talked about the Heavenly Pillar Qigong for the neck. However, there are also other forms that you can mix into the practice. Qigong can help with our neck tension and pain. Hence, it is important to approach the practice in a holistic way. Here are some Qigong forms that will help relieve neck tension and even back pain quickly.

  • The Dragon – The Dragon from 5 Elements Qigong is one of the most effective exercises for lower back pain, soreness and neck tension.
  • Crane – Embody the free spirit of the majestic crane whilst deeply building your strength and balance. The twisting motion of this exercise from the 5 Animals Qigong ebook activates muscles and joints in your legs and down the sides of your torso, creating strong leg stability in all four of its major muscle groups. This is a great deep stretch for runners and athletes with shoulder, arm and neck spasm.
  • The wave or the Dragon Back – this is what a series of soft movement of the back as what you can see on the link. This can slowly wring out the muscles on the back of your neck and spine.
  • Leopard – is a deep full-body stretch and meditation technique combined by activating the arms, legs, and sides of the torso as well as develop strength in the neck.

Neck tension is a result mostly of energy blockages. This makes the most sense in the 8 Trigram practices that helps soothe muscle deep fascia and remove blockages. So whatever you do, always take time off and do Qigong! After all, we always have work and other things but we only have one body to take care of!

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  1. Melba on October 31, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    I do these exercises every morning and they are realy helping a lot. Even when I had problems with diziness the excercises were helpfull. ❤

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