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Qigong for Healing

Category: Date: 15 August 2021 Comments: 0

Our times right now are very uncertain with the pandemic going on and stress is high. When we are at the height of stress we experience emotional distress that affects our physical health and well-being. This can lead to serious illnesses and disorders. In addition to this, there are also those who have been sick for a long time and the stress even made them sicker. Western medicine would usually consider a visit to a doctor and/or a trip to the pharmacy. However, Eastern medicine has a different approach. They mostly take heed for naturopathy, Chinese medicine, and exercises like Qigong. Qigong can help people heal themselves slowly but surely. White Tiger Qigong can help you learn a self-healing Qigong so you can heal yourself naturally.

What can Qigong Heal?

Qigong has been around for 4000 years and it always shows a self-healing prowess throughout the years. There may be other medical conditions that cannot be addressed by Qigong totally but it always helps alleviate and ease the symptoms. There are a lot of things that Qigong has proven to help. We put up a list of the things that helped our students. All these and a lot more!

White Tiger Qigong has a holistic way of healing. We help you achieve a strong body, mind, and spirit. A system that is unique to White Tiger Qigong -the White Tiger Qigong Trinity System.

How does the Qigong heal?

In Qigong, we want to go deep into the flow. This is not a casual, regular practice. Qigong practice is not like any other exercise like running, swimming, or jogging where the goal is just to finish and sweat. In Qigong, to reach a deep state we need to focus and concentrate. We put all our attention into one. To develop deep awareness we need both proprioceptive and interoceptive awareness.

Entering into a flow state is a key to achieving peak performance in anything you do. Whether you are writing, doing sports, spiritual practices, investments, decision making, and even relationships. When you get into a good flow state it is easier for your body to heal and stay sharp.

qigong for healing

Healing with Qigong?

Healing with Qigong is not impossible. There is a term we call mindful healing. Though modern research into the benefits of mindful healing is still premature, many documented benefits are starting to emerge. Mindful healing is taking a stage in helping promote wellness in physical and mental health ailments. Qigong’s mindful healing can optimize the use of Qi. Qi is the driving energy that can become less or excessive when we lack or exceed. This is where the pain and other ailments come into our system.

In short, managing our qi and using the energy of Qi according to our advantage can help us heal our bodies. Though healing is a process and it may take time and differs from person to person. Always, take note that all good things in the world need time! So have Qiful healing always.

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