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Qigong for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Category: Date: 1 March 2020 Comments: 3

Can Qigong be used for Coronavirus? Yes, Qigong can and is being used for Coronavirus right now even by hospitals in Wuhan. While Coronavirus is spreading globally, here is what you can do to enhance your safety and strengthen your immunity. 

In Wuhan, where the source of this virus is, hospitals are practicing Medical Qigong Ba Duan Jin (8 Pieces of Brocade) with their patients

There is even a scientific research article on Qigong for Coronavirus (COVID-19) that suggests Qigong may be effective in treating COVID-19. In it, it lists Liu Zi Jue which is the 6 Healing sounds. This is a core White Tiger Qigong practice.

Since so many people are self-isolating and or being quarantined, now is the time to practice Qigong even more on your own. Thankfully we have the luxury of our online courses to do this. White Tiger Qigong has even more effective Qigong than the Ba Duan Jin for clearing toxins from the organs and strengthening them.

It is crucial in this time period to stay calm. The last thing we want to do is to succumb to fear as it can eat away at us and weaken our immune system when at this very time we need to strengthen our immune system. Of course, if you think you have the virus seek medical attention as soon as possible.

First, we have to understand that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can attack the lungs creating phlegm that does not move and therefore can obstruct breathing.  It is crucial in these times to strengthen our lungs and clear the lung channels. Also in Chinese Medicine, we know that the winter is the time that the lungs can be at their weakest which is why coughs and flu are most vicious in the winter. In Chinese Medicine, we know that the large intestine is a FU/YANG organ, and pairs with the lungs, (which are) ZANG/YIN organs. Hence, we can treat the lungs and the large intestine channels at once. The strategy is to remove the disease focusing on the large intestine and large intestine channel, as well as the lung and lung channel. We have two parts to this Qigong protocol/practice, which can be used for treating flu and the Coronavirus:

  1. Clear the large intestine and lungs as well as channels and then strengthen them
  2. Strengthen and nourish the kidneys 

We need to release fear from the kidneys as they are related to adrenals. When we experience fear the sympathetic nervous system kicks in and we go into fight or flight mode. Doing this chronically can weaken our immune system. Therefore it is imperative that we keep our emotions calm in this time while strengthening our immunity.

Tiger Qigong for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We will do Tiger Qigong for the lungs from the 5 Element Qigong. 

If you are experiencing a cough and feeling feverish you may need to seek medical attention and also do this exercise. If you have been diagnosed with the flu or Coronavirus aside from seeking medical attention also try this exercise using this method:

Focus on a maximum exhalation during the exhalation phase making the “Siii” sound of the 6 Healing Sounds
lung meridian
to expel heat and toxins from the lungs and large intestine for 3 repetitions and then close. Hold the breath on the exhalation for 3 seconds.

The purpose of this is to release excess heat, disease, and move phlegm caused by the virus. How the Tiger works on the large intestine and lungs is that it wrings out the entire lung and large intestine channels through the deep twisting in the arms. It opens the lungs when the arms open with the pullback phase coupled with a maximum inhalation. As you press forward you squeeze out the lungs with a maximum exhalation. At the same time you are bringing the pelvis forward to squeeze out the intestines (large intestine). lung meridian

After this, begin the nourishing phase by focusing on maximum inhalation during the inhalation phase and hold the breath on the inhalation for 3-8 seconds.

Tiger Qigong Instructions

From the standing meditation posture, open by raising both arms forward to the chest level and then dropping them back down to the waist. From here, turn both hands as if “holding a ball”, with the right hand above the left at the level of the navel. From here, step out with the left foot to assume a standard “horse stance.” Again, bring the arms up to the front, but this time draw the hands back so that they are near the shoulders. Now press both palms forward; the fingers should be bent at the tips so as to resemble a “tiger paw.”

Tiger Qigong Form – Horse Stance with Arms Pressed Forward

After that, circle both hands outward and then draw them back towards the shoulders. Turn the palms towards you, facing inwards to stimulate the lung meridian.

Tiger Qigong Form – Arms Drawn Back to Shoulder Level

Tiger Qigong Form – Arms Pushed Straight Back

Then, push the arms straight back to stretch the chest and shoulders, extending the wrists behind you.

It is important to feel the twist from the lung point all the way in the upper chest to the hand and thumb to get the lung meridian. Turn the hands again, and relax as the hands are drawn forwards and then back to the shoulders in a scooping motion. This completes one whole round; three rounds make a full set.

Once a full set is complete, close by pushing the hands forward and bringing the left foot back so that the feet are again at shoulder width. Allow the hands to drop back to the waist and assume the standing meditation posture.

Here is an entire article on Tiger Qigong.


Dragon Qigong For Coronavirus

Now we will focus on strengthening the kidneys and releasing fear with Dragon Qigong.

Dragon Qigong Instructions 

From the standing meditation posture, open by raising both arms forward to the chest level and then dropping them back down to the waist. From here, turn both hands as if “holding a ball”, with the right hand above the left at the level of the navel. Step out with the left foot into a horse stance and then sink the turn into the “bow stance” while the right palm pushes up towards the sky and the left hand moves out laterally to the left as if throwing a frisbee.

Dragon Qigong Form – Horse Stance with “Holding the Ball”

Try to turn completely around while keeping both feet planted firmly in a “bow stance.” This is the full extent of the motion.

Dragon Qigong Form – Full extent of the motion (“Bow Stance”)

From this position, slowly turn back to the front into the horse stance, bringing the left foot back so that the feet are again at shoulder width and the arms are parallel to the ground with fingertips facing upwards.

Dragon Qigong Form – Horse Stance with arms parallel to the ground

In addition to the step, simultaneously circle the arms back to “hold the ball” except this time the right hand is on the bottom. Repeat this motion on the right side to complete one whole round.

Read more about Dragon Qigong 

For more detailed Tiger Qigong form instructions see the book Five Element Qigong Bundle

Before you begin these Qigong exercises make sure you have warmed up sufficiently by shaking, a light jog or doing our Meridian Qigong exercises. 

Note* It is really important that you train outside in the warm sunshine as this will help in strengthening and healing. Sunlight will give you a boost of Vitamin D, the fresh air will help oxygenate your body further. Research has shown that warm weather helps to defuse flue symptoms more quickly so join our training in Bali if you can for training in the warm sun.

At the end of your training finish with the Golden Elixir Qigong Golden elixir Qigong

The power of the Golden Elixir has been shown for centuries to be a wonderfully healing method.

In the book Hidden Messages in Water, Using high-speed photography, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. We can literally program our molecular structure.

Here is the formula for the Golden Elixir:

Sunlight+ concentrated programmed thoughts + saliva (water)=Healing Elixir

Golden Elixir Qigong Instructions

Stand comfortably facing the sunlight with the eyes closed

Generate saliva in your mouth through this method:

1.Chattering the teeth multiple times

2.Swirling your tongue around mouth multiple times and massaging gum line

3.Beating sides of the mouth

4.Mix with oxygen

5.Swallow 1/3 of it, coordinated with the inhalation and exhalation.

As you swallow, exhale and follow it down with your mind into the lower belly (lower Dan Tian).

After a minimum of 3-9 swallows focus on the warm, golden pool building in the belly becoming a golden fire. This fire begins to burn out all sickness and illness as the fire spreads throughout the body. Feel your pores open as you begin to sweat from the heat and the toxins come out. After at least one to three minutes of this bring the fire back down into the lower belly (lower Dan Tian) into a small golden pearl and begin to breathe slow, long deep breaths focusing on this pearl becoming more and more compact. Do this for another one to three minutes.

To learn more about the Golden Elixir with guiding instructions see our Primordial Breath Online Course that contains this module.

The Wei Qi Breath of the Primordial Breath is also a powerful way to stimulate the immune system. Wei Qi is the “guardian Qi”, but is literally your immune system from a western perspective. By understanding how to expand the guardian Qi around you, you can protect yourself, boosting immunity to viruses and more.

For more information see our free webinar Qigong For COVID-19 and download our free ebook Qigong For Coronavirus and Flu.

If you are at home, in self-imposed isolation or even quarantined I highly recommend you check out the Qigong for COVID-19 Online Course so you can follow along with easy to follow videos that are for beginners and advanced Qigong practitioners alike.

If you will venture outcome learn the Tiger and Dragon Qigong in our next Qigong Intensive and Qigong Teacher Certification.


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  1. Qigong Blog | White Tiger on June 2, 2020 at 12:53 pm

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  2. Francisco Gualtieri on November 7, 2020 at 2:20 am

    Hi ! I’m doing the courses Qigong for Covid-19 and flu and Qigong for Worry and Anxiety for some month and I feel great. Although, I have a question: I realized that the opening is different for exercises from 5 elements qigong (Tiger or dragon) that from 5 Animals. Why is that?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Tevia Feng on November 7, 2020 at 1:38 pm

      These are different Qigong systems with different purposes. In the 5 Element the opening is to do the Microcosmic Orbit which is taught to more advanced practitioners. In 5 Animal Qigong the opening can be used for emotions or for energizing/balancing the body. We teach more about this aspect in our Qigong online teacher training prevsite.whitetigerqigong.com/event

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