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Qigong for Core and Spine Strength

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Qigong for Core and Spine Strength

Do you know that it is very effective to do Qigong for Core and Spine Strength? Are you tired of doing high intensity workout for core strength? Or are you having spine problems and looking for practices that will help you strengthen your spine? This blog will help you learn how gentle movement, breath, and intention can help you improve core and spine strength. 

Qigong for Core and Spine Strength by White Tiger Qigong Instructor, Effie Tsaggarides

You can also watch the FREE video by White Tiger Qigong Instructor, Effie Tsaggarides to help guide you. In this video you will learn one of the 5 Animal Qigong forms, which is the Bear III Qigong (Bear Shakes off its Paw).

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the art and practice of cultivating energy. We use the Body-Breath-Spirit, and harmonize them as one. This practice has been around for more than 5,000 years. It used to be only available to royals, elites, and those of high rank in society. Only in the later years was it available for the masses. Although qigong has changed through the years because of cultural revolution, qigong still remains as one of the important practices that helps cultivate mind, body, and spirit in China and now slowly spreading to the rest of the world.

How does Qigong work?

Through the movements of qigong exercises we help release blockages and stagnations in the body. These blockages and stagnations may be found in the. Our body, specifically in the organs, meridians, cells, and other areas of the body. It is known in Chinese Medicine that stagnations and blockages are the foundation of illnesses and diseases. Once we release these blockages and stagnations, we allow fresh energy (qi) to flow in that area. This helps our body to heal and avoid future illnesses and diseases to occur. 

Qigong may seem very simple for a lot of the exercises in qigong are very gentle and slow. However the effects of qigong are very deep and have a lot of different benefits, in many different ways. That is why practicing qigong has great effects both for the core and the spine which benefits both physical and internal functions. 

Qigong for Core Strength

So how does qigong apply for core strength? As we have mentioned earlier, qigong works on the Body-Breath-Spirit and harmonizes them as one. Through the body mechanics of qigong, we use dynamic movements. These dynamic movements engage our physical body, such as the core, lower body, arms, back, and others. Using the core in qigong is very important. Most of the qigong exercises engage the core, to help compress the organs. Through the compression of the organs, we wring out the excess toxins, stagnations, and blockages. In qigong, after the compression, we release that area to bring in fresh energy. Through this alternate movement of  compression and release, we strengthen the core. 

Qigong for Spine Strength

How is the approach different for core and spine strength? Qigong’s holistic approach taps into spine strength both physically and energetically. The spine is one of the most important parts of the body that connects the body and brain. Through the spine, the body is able to send signals and information to the brain, and vice versa, the brain is able to send signals and information to the body. Along the spine lies the important energetic pathway in the body called the Chong Mai. Through the movement of qigong, we help pump up the energy in this pathway. This releases any stagnation in the flow of energy in the Chong Mai.  In return, this eases the flow of signal and information through the body and brain. 

Qigong for Core and Spine Strength Exercise 

Here are some qigong for core and spine strength. These exercises are dynamic qigong exercises that tap into the core and spine strength physically and energetically.  

Bear III (Bear Shakes off its Paws) Qigong – 5 Animal Qigong 

The Bear III Qigong from the 5 Animal Qigong, connects to the Earth Element. It is a very exercise which uses the core as you compress the upper body side to side. This engages the core and at the same time, it stimulates the spine and improves both core and spine strength. 

Bear Shakes off its Paws Qigong (Bear III – 5 Animal Qigong

Leopard Qigong – 5 Element Qigong

The Leopard Qigong from the 5 Element Qigong connects to the Wood Element. The wood element’s characteristics stretch, grow, and flow like the bending of the tree or wood. This qigong uses the core both in through stretches and bending movements. The movements of this qigong exercise also help pump up energy and strengthen the spine. 

Leopard Qigong – 5 Element Qigong

Snake Qigong – 5 Element Qigong

The Snake Qigong from the 5 Element Qigong also connects to the Earth Element. This qigong exercise is very grounded. Through this qigong movement, we move the upper body to connect to the earth. To engage the upper body and hold the position of the Snake Qigong in this exercise, we use our core. The movements of the Snake Qigong also stimulates energy in the spine through the lengthening movement of the Snake Qigong. 

Snake Qigong – 5 Element Qigong

Setting Intention through Qigong for Core and Spine Strength 

By setting our intention in these qigong exercises, we allow the energy to flow in our center. By stimulating energy in our center we help strengthen and improve proper functions of the core and the spine.

Importance of Qigong for Core and Spine Strength

Qigong for core and spine strength is a holistic body exercise, we work on physical strength, alignment, and function of the core and spine strength.  This helps both in preventing core and spine problems, as well as, heals any blockages and stagnations in the core and spine. Qigong for core and spine strength focuses both in the function of the movement and energy cultivation. 

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