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Qigong Exercises for Back Pain

Category: Date: 11 October 2022 Comments: 0

Qigong for back pain is one of the most optimal preventive practices that can help with back problems. Try the video above to learn qigong exercises for back pain. This video is by White Tiger Qigong Senior Instructor Natalia Kolesnikova.

Qigong Exercises for Back Pain

Qigong is a 5,000-year-old practice that treats our mind and our body holistically as one. For example, when you experience physical pain your mood is most likely affected. Transforming emotions and body pain at the same time is the. The goal of qigong. 

Types and Causes of Back Pain

There are different types of Back Pain including:

  • lower back pain
  • hip pain
  • tightness in the back
  • upper back tension or pain
  • sciatica
  • general weakness in the back
  • tight back muscles, and others. 

Back pain can be caused by different things such as too much work, wrong posture, repetitive movements, excessive pressure, bone structure, stress, and many more. 

Each back pain is not the same as each one. When you feel any pain in the body it is best to consult a doctor or an expert in this field. 

Qigong and the Back 

In Qigong, we see the body holistically so when we feel back pain it can affect us physically. It

can also affect deeper aspects of the body. Our back runs very important energy pathways in the body. This is one aspect that qigong views in treating back pain. Qigong exercises for back pain not only relieve the physical pain and effects of back pain. It also heal and allow energy flow to recover in these energy pathways.

Du Mai

Du Mai or the Governing Vessel is one of the 8 Extraordinary channels which lie along to the backplane of the body. It is known as the Sea of the Yang channels. The Du Mai moves and cultivates the yang energy in the body. It helps cultivate the yang energy in the kidney. The kidney is known to be the root of all yang within the body. Yang creates life in the body, if the yang energy does not exist there is no life. The lower back is one of the points in the body that helps cultivate kidney energy. The Du Mai also links the kidney and the brain, strengthening the mind and helping to improve our willpower. 

Chong Mai 

Chong Mai or the Penetrating Vessel is also one of the 8 Extraordinary Channels. It s the central core and the foundation on which all the other energy channels rely. It starts from the middle of the kidney. Some of its branches rises upwards towards the abdomen, connects to the organs, and then rises along the spine, and then goes up toward the brain.

According to its routes alone, it is understandable why the Chong Mai is one of the most important vessels in the body. It encompasses several regions of the body.

Qigong and Emotions

It is known in Chinese medicine that the body connects to emotions. When we have any physical discomfort, pain, illness, and other physical health problems our emotions are also affected, thus, we cannot function or work best. The mind-body is also not separate from each other. It thinks and functions as one. When the back is not functioning properly, our mind is also affected. 

Importance of a Healthy Back 

Back pain has been one of the leading causes of work absences. It also one of the most common physical side effects of desk-job work. The conditions that decrease back health have been one of the major reasons that reduce the quality of work from the workforce. Having a healthy back is important to maintain, especially in modern times. Nowadays, is common to sit all day at work and neglect having good posture.  

For those who lack maintaining proper posture and movement, we need to balance this with correct proper exercises for the back. Qigong exercises for back pain give the balance of movement in the spine to allow proper flow of energy and posture. 

For those who need to move a lot daily, like athletes, dancers, coaches, and others, we need qigong exercises to help balance the repetitive movement and pressure that the back needs to execute every day.  Qigong helps regain that balance through gentle and slow movements allowing the back to go back to its natural structure. 

Doing Qigong not only helps us have proper body functions, it also allows our energy to flow from the mind to the body, and the body to the mind more fluidly.

Back Pain Treatments 

There are different types of back pain treatments. However, some can be very expensive with not-so-certain results. Preventive practices are still more optimal. Sometimes when we reach the point where we need these interventions or treatments, it might be too late to use these preventive practices to help alleviate these problems. It is always best to prevent any problems before any problems occur. 

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cells are the body’s natural material and are sometimes called the body’s ”master cells”. The stem cells build the basic foundations of the body that develop into blood, the brain, bones, and organs. Stem cells are currently also being seen as a possible option to be used as a treatment for some medical conditions and diseases. 

However, there are still debates about using this treatment. First of all, using stem cells has still unproven benefits. Adult stem cells are limited in terms of producing cells of all types, so manipulating them may not be as effective as a treatment. Also, stem cells are more likely to contain some irregularities such as toxins, environmental hazards, and some biological errors. 

That is why although it is promising, it is not yet a recommended treatment. 


A chiropractor is the adjustment of the spine through different techniques involving cracking the bones. Different devices can also be used such as handheld devices called activators and tables. This helps align the patient’s body. Although chiropractor treatment is known for their benefits, some people are also not comfortable with the procedure. For some, it may also be frightening. Going to chiropractor therapies is also a bit pricey. It is best to complement it with traditional practices or medical care. 

Qigong Exercises for Back Pain and other Traditional, Alternative, and Complementary Practices

Traditional, alternative and complementary practices such as qigong, yoga, and taichi are best practices to help reduce and prevent back pain. Qigong exercises for back pain provide gentle, slow, and effective exercises. This allows the flow of energy and restructure of the body alignments. This helps our body remember its natural form.

Through these qigong exercises, our body heals itself. Our body is very intelligent and it knows what it needs, however, our lifestyle and practice can get in the way of this. Either our body will adjust to our normal habits or we do consistent practices that allow our body to have a healthy and strong body structure. Doing these practices may need time, discipline, and dedication but it is very optimal in the long run in preventing back pain.  These practices help our body defeat any back problems, by having a strong and properly aligned body. It also helps our body have a proper flow of energy to nurture the natural cycle and process of the body.  

Qigong Exercises for Back Pain

Here are two qigong exercises for back pain from the 8 Trigram Qigong system of White Tiger Qigong.

The Wave / Dragon Back – Qigong Exercises for Back Pain

The Wave or the Dragon Back gives a gentle massage to the spine, allowing the flow of energy. It also helps in recovering proper spine alignment and structure. This is very helpful to those who need to recover from repetitive movements and pressure from movements. It is also helpful for those who need to add movement and flow to the spine. 

Dragon Whips its Tail – Qigong Exercises for Back Pain

The Dragon Whips its Tail helps in bringing energy back to the energy centers of the body which lie along the center of the body. This brings back more flow of energy and strength in the spine. When there is enough flow of energy in the energy centers we all have better back vitality. This will also help improve the functions of the body and we can use enough energy for mind-body interactions and functions. 

Qigong Exercises for Back Pain – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Even though it has been proven so many times how qigong exercises for back pain and other traditional, alternative, and complementary practices are very beneficial for the back. People still lean over quicker yet not-so-optimal solutions for back pain such as pain relievers, pills, surgery, and others. It might be because most people in the modern age go to these quick solutions as a habit. It may also be because some are still naive about the benefits and the optimal solutions that these practices can give. These ancient practices are over 5,000 years old yet, they are still more advanced than modern solutions. 

However, more people are starting to turn to practices like qigong to help them relieve health problems, such as back pain. This will be very beneficial especially for the workforce and for those who need extra back care for their everyday life. 

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