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Qigong Exercises for Beginners – Secrets to Healthy Body and Happy Mind

Category: Date: 26 September 2016 Comments: 0

Qigong is the art of self-healing through the cultivation of vital energy by practicing breathing exercises, movements and postures. People of all age groups can learn Qigong. Teenagers as well as elders can attain mastery in this ancient Chinese health practice that offers innumerable physical and mental health benefits. As a beginner, you can perform some simple, but very effective Qigong exercises to self-heal and benefit from reduced stress levels, renewed vigour and positive outlook.

In this blog post, I am going to share two Qigong exercises for beginners that I learnt. Take a look at the following.

Rolling the ball movement

Ball rolling or rolling the ball movement is done while sitting. You have to imagine that you are holding a ball in between your palms and start rolling it with your hands. It improves your mental and physical well-being by stimulating internal energies and improving the strength in hands.

Flowing or Moving Qigong

Moving or Flowing Qigong is done while sitting. Sit on the edge of the chair with your body forward and feet firmly on the ground. Now, picture in your mind that your body is above the ground. Imagine that your head is moving above your neck. Inhale and raise your arms to your shoulder height. Exhale and move back your arms. Continue with this until you experience the energy within you prompting the movement of your arms.

Flowing Qigong is immensely helpful in alleviating pain, reducing stiffness and eliminating the stumbling blocks in the mind. As you exhale, the obstructions in the mind are cleared out and the movement of arms gives relief from stiff muscles and pain, and soothes the whole body and mind.

Among the many Qigong exercises for beginners, these two exercises are taught first.

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