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Qigong Biohacking for Brain Health

Category: Date: 1 April 2022 Comments: 0

Qigong Biohacking for Brain Health

In this blog, we will discuss some tools for Qigong biohacking for brain health. 

Biohacking is any method aimed to improve performance, health, and well being through certain types of intervention. It aims to enhance one’s way of life and overall well-being. The video above of White Tiger Qigong’s senior instructor, Sarah Divine discusses and shows us how to use Qigong as a biohacking tool. She shared how qigong can help improve our brain and spine through Qigong exercises.

In biohacking we can use ancient methods such as meditation, qigong, breathwork, or modern methods such as using devices, certain diets and other scientific methods. 

In this blog we will focus on the ancient practice known as Qigong and how it is a timeless biohacking tool. We will discuss how Qigong is both relevant to ancient times and modern times. 


Ancient and Modern Biohacking tools

Through the advancement of technologies, how is Qigong still a very efficient biohacking method through all these times?

Although biohacking is a coined modern term, the principles and concepts that it holds are not completely modern. “Biohacking” as a concept has already been used since the ancient times.

Now, what are the roles of these biohacking tools both in ancient and modern  times? Is one better than the other?

Function and Evolution

When you say illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, all of these are actually modern illnesses. The primitive people even way before the ancient times do not know of such illnesses. It is not because they lack the knowledge but because these illnesses doesn’t exist during their time.

Throughout the evolution and modernization of the human race, from the primitive times until now, a lot of innovations have been made to help the human race evolve. These innovations cause changes including our lifestyles, education, infrastructures, transportation, etc.. All of these have far surpassed what the primitive ages have. However, our body, organs and their functions have remained the same. Our genetics are still wired the same way. 

The ancient medicinal people have known and used ancient techniques, like qigong as a tool to enhance their bodies health and wellbeing. They usually base these practices by observing nature and the natural connection of human beings with it.

These were the times when there were no surgeries, antibiotics, vaccines etc. Not even x-rays or CT scans to show the parts of the internal body. However, if the functions of our body and organs have remained the same, then, we can never say that these ancient “biohacking” practices are old or outdated. In fact, these practices may even be more advanced than modern science than we think.

Of course, it is impossible to turn civilization back into the primitive state. It is also impossible to not let the human race evolve. However, I always believe innovation and preservation must go hand in hand. Using ancient techniques, such as qigong, as biohacking tools has been one of the most efficient and timeless ways to heal the human body. 

Qigong in the ancient times

Let’s discuss its origin. Qigong was once a hidden practice only known and open to the elites, masters, scholars, and other powerful people in ancient China.

Only a few people know it and most of them are healers or doctors of the emperors. This knowledge is not taught openly but passed down to disciples. 

They used to observe nature and the ways of nature to keep their bodies healthy. The connection of human and nature serves as their guide. This connection is also called the microcosm and macrocosm. It is the belief that we are intrinsically connected to nature and nature is intrinsically connected to us. By going with the flow of nature and applying it to their practice such as Qigong, they improved their health and avoided illnesses before it could even happen. 

When we harmonize with the energy around us, we also harmonize the energy within us. This might sound very esoteric or magical but in fact, it’s only natural. The body is very smart. It knows how to heal itself. It is all about knowing how to use our bodies properly to help it function well.

The changes in the lifestyle of modern people have disconnected us to our natural healing abilities. When we started to disconnect from our natural connection with nature, we also lost our natural connection with our natural ability to heal our bodies. Often in this modern times, people just lean into faster alternatives such as medicines, vaccines, surgery, etc. Of course, as I said there is nothing bad about innovation. However, with innovation we also must not forget to preserve what has been known through ages as well. It is all about balance. 

Qigong and modern science 

Now that we have discussed its origin let’s talk about its connection to modern science. How is qigong, being an ancient practice, relevant to modern biohacking methods? 

Qigong biohacking for brain and spine health

The White Tiger Qigong system is a Doaist medical qigong, founded on Lao Tzu Taoism and Ancient Chinese Medicine. It also combines with modern sports science and biohacking. It serves as a bridge of the past and the present.

Qigong’s positive effect to the brain and the spine 

How can Qigong be used as a biohacking method to enhance our spine-brain connection? The brain and the spine together makes up the central nervous system. It is really important that the signals from the spine to the brain and brain to spine flow properly. The spine houses the cerebrospinal fluid which brings nutrients up to the brain. If this fluid is flowing properly then you’ll get a good amount of nutrients into the brain. This allows the brain to function properly. 

Often because of modern lifestyles we sacrifice the posture and quality of our movement and thus sacrificing our spine health. The energy is stuck and doesn’t flow in our spine and brain properly. Proper movement is important to ensure optimal flow of energy.

One important key to help spine health is that the sacrum and the cranium should move together to optimize the flow of energy in the spine. 

The Wave / Dragon Back

A woman in white outfit practicing qigong

A woman in all white outfit practicing The Wave in the park

A woman in all white outfit practicing The Wave/Dragon back outside in the park

One of the best exercises for the spine is The Wave or Dragon back from the 8 Trigram Organ Qigong system. From the movement itself you will notice the repetitive waves of the spine upwards. This movement serves to allow the stagnant energy to pump up into the spine. 

In Chinese Medicine, one of the important vessels in our body is the Chong Mai or Thrusting Vessel. It connects through the center of the body. It originates from the middle of the kidneys, connects to the organs, runs up the spine and then connects to the brain. Qigong movements help us to have a better quality of the movement in our body, by integrating the spine and the Chong Mai to have better flow of energy from the body to the brain. This is done through movement, breath and intention.

When we have better brain functions our brain can also send signals to our body more efficiently.  

The similarity of the concepts and functions of the spine and the Chong Mai or Thrusting Vessel serves as one of the reasons why the ancient practices can even more advanced than we think. These Qigong exercises has long been created for the health function of this vertical connection in our body, way before modern science did.


Qigong biohacking for brain health

Qigong is a timeless biohacking tool for brain health that has been effective since the ancient times. It is astonishing to know that even in the ancient times without the advance tools they were able to use these practices to not only cure but help prevent diseases before it can start. As it is said, prevention is better than cure.

White Tiger Qigong’s system is one of the best ways to help understand how we can connect and harmonize ancient practices and modern methods through its integration of both. The ancient practices and modern practices are both important. One is not better than the other. Innovation and preservation must go hand in hand. One must help enhance the other and vice versa. 


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