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Qigong Benefits for Digestion

Category: Date: 20 January 2022 Comments: 0

Qigong Benefits for Digestion

There are many qigong benefits for digestion. Digestion is one of the common problems that we go through. First, let us discuss what causes problems with digestion. What are common reasons that causes problems with digestion?

Some of these are:

  • Eating a low fiber diet,

  • Not getting enough exercise,

  • Changes in lifestyle,

  • Eating large amounts of dairy products,

  • Stress

  • And many more

These affects the digestive system through symptoms like constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and many more.

What are qigong benefits for digestion?


8 Trigram Qigong

The 8 Trigram Qigong has many spiral and repetitive movements. These movements may seem easy and simple, but it deeply massages and wrings out the organs. Doing this qigong will help our body relax. It will also help our organs to release any toxins and then open up to receive fresh qi. Through this, we reduce blockages and stagnation in our body. When our body reduces stagnation and blockages, qi can flow more freely and we can function better.

One of the qigong exercise in the 8 Trigram that can help with digestion is the Rabbit Springs.

Rabbit Springs

Rabbit Springs is a deeply nourishing practice for the gut. It involves a self-massage on 8 key acupressure points that will revitalize all the organs in the abdominal area. This also stimulates the digestion and really help aid in complete elimination. It will also help you absorb nutrients because this entire routine will put you into a Parasympathetic state. In this state, you will relax. This is also known as the rest-and-digest state. You must be in this state to digest properly. If done every day this practice will definitely help your overall gut health.

The Rabbit Springs uses basic organ massage. This organ massage goes around like a clock with your belly button at the center. We connect this area with the Bagua.

The organ massage starts at about 7:30, or right lower quadrant of the bagua, where the lower colon is.

Photo of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock for Digestion

Then move to 9:00, which is for the ascending colon

Photo of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock

Next, 10:30, which connects with the liver

Photo of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock

And then, 12:00, which connect to the heart and the small intestine

Photo of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock for Digestion

Next 1:30, which connects to the spleen and stomach

Photo of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock for Digestion

Moving to 3:00, which connects to the descending colonPhoto of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock

And then, 4:30, connects to elimination

Photo of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock for Digestion

And finally, 6:00, which connects to kidney and gallbladder

Photo of the Rabbit Springs Qigong Organ Clock for Digestion


The Rabbit Springs uses the Lions Breath. The Lions Breath uses forceful exhalations through the mouth with the tongue extended outwards. We use this breath in the Rabbit Springs Qigong to really wring out the organs and really eliminate the toxins in the body. It also re-energizes and revitalizes the energy in the abdominal area. This also stretches out the heart meridian in our tongue, which also connects to the spleen meridian as well.

Doing the Rabbit Springs regularly can help with your digestion. It is good to do this in the morning to keep your digestive system healthy throughout the day.

You can watch the vlog made by White Tiger Qigong Instructor, Adrienne Roummaset which is linked below. In this vlog she breaks down how to do the Rabbit Springs. She also discussed how to do the organ massage and which direction to go.

5 Element Qigong

The 5 Element Qigong uses deep stances as well as deep wringing out of the organs.

Snake Qigong

In the 5 Element Qigong, the Snake Qigong connects to the Earth element. The earth element connects to the spleen, which is one of the organs that is essential for digestion. The spleen also is responsible in turning the food and the water we consume into qi or nutritive essence. When the spleen is imbalance, it can cause indigestion and many other digestive problems.

How is emotion connected to digestion?

In the 5 Element Qigong, we balance the emotion with antidote emotion. For the spleen the emotion it connects to is worry and anxiety. Our emotions are connected to our organs. In the Chinese Medicine, it is known that emotions can be stored in the body. Any imbalance in our emotions affect our organs and vice versa, imbalances in our organ affects our emotions. We want to balance excess emotion of worry and anxiety with the feeling of nurture. In order to this, we have to connect with the earth element.  

Through the Snake Qigong, we are able to connect with the earth element, release excess worry and anxiety and balance it with nurturing energy. We wring out the excess toxins in the spleen through deep stances and contraction of the torso. After we wring out the toxins through contraction, we open up our body again by releasing it. Through releasing our body and as we relax we allow our body to receive fresh qi.

How is the spirit connected to digestion?

In the 5 Element Qigong each element connects to an animal. Connecting to both the animal and the element helps reach the spirit of the Qigong. When we reach the spirit of the Qigong, this is also known as reaching flow state. The goal is for us to reach flow states.

Connecting to the spirit does not only mean that we try to be that element or animal. This also means that we try to connect with that element and animal that is within us as well. The spirit of the snake is grounded, slithering and sliding. The spirit of the earth element grounds us. It gives us a place for stability. It is also nurturing and reminding us of home. All of these characteristics when reached through flow state allow us to also let go of worry and anxiety and thus also help the physical aspect which is digestion.

Qigong and Digestion

There are many ways qigong benefits for digestion. The Rabbit Springs from the 8 Trigram Qigong and the Snake Qigong from the 5 Element Qigong are just some of them. However, if you learn to master this two, it will greatly affect not only your digestion but also your overall wellbeing.

It is said and known that the body is intrinsically connected to the spirit and the spirit is intrinsically connected to the body. Qigong is a very powerful way to help us balance the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional causes of many illness and problems in our body such as digestion. Through healing the physical aspects, we also heal the emotional, spiritual and mental aspect.

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