Qi-Acu-Ssage is very rare, special form of Medical Qigong Tui Na that works on healing energetic and emotional balances. It involves finger pressure with a non-invasive “injection” of Qi into the acupuncture points.

There is also work along the meridian lines, muscles and joints. Special palm work is also used to pull stagnant energy out of the body and bring pure, healing energy into the body. The purpose of this special massage is to restore healing flow throughout the body creating a healthy environment physically and emotionally.

Benefits of Qi-Acu-Ssage:

Increase blood circulation

Boost immune system

Relieve Pain

Restore energy

Support body’s natural healing process

Detoxification method

Increase blood circulation

Boost immune system

Heal chronic aches

Heal sore muscles

Boost immune system

Treat back and neck pain

Balance Emotions

Promotes relaxation

Greatly improve circulation

Brings balance to organs

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