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Proven 4000-Year-Old Anxiety Cure

Category: Date: 7 August 2021 Comments: 0

Having to feel casual anxiety is part of living a normal life. People with anxiety disorders regularly have strong and constant worry and fear. Oftentimes, anxiety disorders include episodes of rash feelings and loss of focus. The strength of stress and anxiety can peak within minutes, causing panic attacks. However, there are natural and proven ways to cure anxiety that has been around for 4000 years. It is just a matter of discovering and learning this ancient technique.

5 Major types of Anxiety Disorder and Cure

Anxiety manifests in different ways and effects differ from others. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is one of the top 5 major illnesses in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO). We are all familiar with how anxiety and depression affect and take over our lives sometimes. In addition, the negative feeling of having it is even bad already. As a result, depressants and mood pills are given to patients to manage the illness

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – This is an too much¬†worrying about everything in life for no apparent reason.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – This causes frequent action or obsessions and the urge to do it again and again (compulsions). Some people can have both. The obsessions and the compulsions.
  • Panic Disorder – This is a sudden episode of strong feelings of fear. This feeling of “panicking” comes out as a physical manifestation even when there is no real threat. The feeling and the actual panic attack is also present. during episode.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – PTSD is set-off after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. The scene from that situation continuously relives in a person thought that causes anxiety and stress.
  • Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder) – This is a constant fear of not meeting social expectations and fearing to go out or be social.

Anxiety can be crippling and sometimes disable us from doing the thing we love. The medications, pills, and a constant trip to psychologists are the go-to ways to cure anxiety. However, there are old ways to cure Anxiety and help balance our mood. White Tiger Qigong has forms that are proven to cure anxiety. This is according to students’ accounts who have had anxiety in the past.

Qigong forms that hopes to Cure Anxiety

There are many forms of Qigong exercises that can heal. But depending on the kind of Qigong, each form has a specific target point to maximize the healing process. For us to get deep with these exercises to improve mental health. We need to know what and how to do it. In Chinese Medicine, the body, mind, and spirit work has to work harmoniously to balance Qi.

When emotions are trapped in the body, they can badly affect the related organ and results in a stuck emotion or pain. This can lead to emotional imbalance and worst, serious diseases because of the excess Qi. Through these powerful Qigong exercises, we can literally squeeze the tension and toxins out of the organs. This is because of the dynamic stretching and twisting of the area to refill them with clean healing energy and as a result, reach a balanced emotional state. 

First, we need to check for courses that can help us to cope and cure anxiety. There are many self-confidence-boosting courses on the site. All of it has easy-to-follow steps that will teach you every step of the way. Second, Some forms may be harder and have deeper stances. However, instructors are on standby, willing to help as well as a community to help. Lastly, the courses are especially good to fit busy people as this is self-paced. This way, the students can learn whenever they have time to spare. These courses will sustain students learning amidst the pandemic. Here are some courses with forms that can help cure anxiety.

Courses for Anxiety Cure

anxiety cure

The cure for anxiety and depression can have different effects on people. I’m not saying that this will have the same effect on everybody just because this happened to one. However, it is not always bad to try new things. Therefore, trying things especially if it has successfully proven to cure and treat anxiety is good. This will help because the emotions we have are always constant. This means that people are always living under stress but managing this will greatly improve our health. Therefore, adding Qigong to your practice can help with anxiety. I guess we all have to be patient and learn ways the Daoist way.

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