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Qigong For Fear Online Course


Conquering Fear

Discover how to conquer fear through ancient breathing, meditation, and dynamic movement techniques.

You’ll Learn

  • How to overcome fear with simple but highly specific deep breathing techniques, coupled with ancient dynamic movements, visualization, and meditation techniques
  • How to build resilience and strengthen the nervous system 
  • How to transform these toxic emotions into courage and willpower

A master switch for fear.  

There is a time-tested practice that now has been scientifically proven to change your emotions, and mindset opening your life to a healthier way of living.

When practiced regularly and correctly it will:

  • Improve overall state of being
  • Improved sleep drive and quality
  • Better cognitive performance and function
  • Deep relaxation
  • Increase courage and willpower
  • Improve your mood


With a very small investment in your time, you will learn an invaluable skill for conquering fear and have it for life.

A Powerful Combination of:

  • Ancient dynamic exercises
  • Powerful breathing techniques coupled with visualization
  • Meditation
  • Neuroscience
  • Sports Science of Fascia
  • Chinese Medicine

Master Your Emotions and Mind through an ancient practice coupled with modern science.



What’s Included in this Course:

  1. A tactical toolkit to transform toxic emotions into health and vitality
  2. Powerfully transformative, dynamic healing ancient exercises fused with cutting edge science
  3. Ancient Breathing techniques to transform fear
  4. Special Meditation to calm yourself and conquer fear
  5. Neuroscience perspectives on emotions and this Qigong
  6. Anatomy of the Qigong
  7. Chinese Medicine applications of the Qigong
  8. Downloadable PDFs
  9. Lifetime access