Qigong For COVID-19 
Certification Course | Live on Saturday, 18th April at 15:30 GMT +7HRS


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Discover the in-depth, detailed Qigong strategies for prevention, reduction of symptoms and possibly eliminate COVID-19 and recovery from COVID-19.

On Saturday, 18th April at 15:30 GMT +7HRS, Master Instructor, Tevia Feng will deliver the Qigong For COVID-19 Certification Course live.

The training course goes in-depth into the Classical Chinese Medicine perspective of fear and anxiety.

The Qigong For COVID-19  Certification Course will cover the following:

  1. Prevention strategies for COVID-19
  2. Qigong for COVID-19
  3. Qigong for COVID-19 recovery
  4. Accompanying PDF instruction manual
  5. Live Q&A
  6. Recording of the course
  7. Certification to teach others (for certified teachers only)
  8. HD videos of all Qigong exercises