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Primordial Breathwork Exercises Qigong Online Course


The Primordial Breath Qigong is said to date back over 2,000 years ago in China. It was first written
about by Lao Zi in the ancient book Dao De Jing. In this first time ever offered online course discover the ancient secret to self discovery through a profound breathing and meditation technique. Coupled together with neuroacoustics, animations and step-by-step instructions you will be able to reach a the maximum level of depth possible.


In this exclusive online course, you will discover:

  • An ancient guided Qigong breathing meditation over 2000 years old
  • Qigong meditation recorded with neauroacoustics and binaural beats to get you into the meditative state quickly
  • How to tap into alternate states of consciousness naturally
  • How to tap into “flow states” and let go of the “self”
  • How to pulse your third eye
  • How to pulse Qi energy outwards or bring it inwards to store it
  • How to harmonize your breath, body and spirit into one force
  • The secret of the Golden Elixir Breathing Qigong
  • How to tap into the Primordial state
  • Primordial Breath theory class