EP 32 – Improving Spinal Health with Medical QiGong

Here u go.

On today’s podcast, Sarina interviews Medical QiGong educator and White Tiger QiGong School master instructor, Tevia Feng, about using Medical QiGong to improve spinal health, the aging process and mental health.

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  1. Pete Castellano on June 1, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    Wow incredible info here not only in this particular one about stress, anxiety and worry, but others I’ve listened to. There is always actionable information worth listening to and absorbing, not just vague overriding concepts about qigong, like a lot of other discussions I’ve heard. On this podcast, for example, there is discussion about the spleen and pancreas, blood sugar levels, how they are affected by worry and anxiety, along with Exercises that can be done to avoid related dis-ease; very interesting and helpful.

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