This ain’t your grandma’s QiGong – Part 1

On today’s episode, White Tiger QiGong School founder, Tevia Feng demystifies meditation, energy, fitness, martial arts and medical QiGong. The White Tiger QiGong School works with professional athletes, CEO’s, professional dancers, bankers, and people with illnesses. Every type of person, young and old, can use ancient anti-aging secrets to feel great and stay sharp.

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  1. Pete on June 2, 2018 at 2:25 am

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! i have been doing qigong on and of for probably 15+ years, gone to Qigong masters for healing sessions and trainings in their forms, etc etc and I’ve always been a bit frustrated with the lack of info shared about WHAT is going on in the body – this is the most fascinating and informative talk I’ve ever(!) heard on qigong and now i learned about the fascia and its relationship to meridians and the way in which the body stores emotions as well! The discussion about investors at their desks was just amazing; i had NO idea all this stuff was going on inside the sedentary lifestyle body. I believe I’ve finally found the Qigong i want to delve into and study on an in depth basis! I just purchased two courses on the site and will use them to prepare for the live trainings.

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