The Opening and Closing of A Qigong Practice Session

Qigong brings the mind, body and spirit together into ‘one’. This needs mental calmness, inner peace and focus on the part of the practitioner. At White Tiger Qigong, every Qigong training course has an opening movement that will prep you up for the next exercises, and a closing movement to make you aware of the changes in your mind, body and spirit after performing the exercises. The right opening will calm your mind, relax your body and lift your spirit to perform the Qigong exercises with focus and energy. It wakes up the Dan Tian and stimulates the flow of Qi from the Dan Tian throughout the body. On the other hand, the perfect closing will enable you to feel the benefits of the exercises and bring your body’s energy back to the Dan Tian.

A Great Start with The Wave

At White Tiger Qigong, we start every Qigong training course with The Wave exercise which ignites the Dan Tian, boosts the circulation of the Qi energy, stimulates digestive function and gives a supple spine. While performing this exercise, you should have a feeling that your spine is immersed in a wave. You should feel that your kidneys and intestines are getting an internal massage as you move your tailbone in a circle in a forward to backward direction.The Wave is one of the Qigong exercises for beginners.

Conclude Perfectly with Zhan Zhuang

As I mentioned earlier that every Qigong training course at my institution has a closing sequence, here it is – the Zhan Zhuang or standing Qigong practice. This exercise allows you to keep yourself aware of how your body is feeling after each Qigong exercise. It relaxes the mind and the spirit which helps you perceive the changes in your body. It gives you consciousness of the energy surrounding you which provides you with an optimistic outlook and a willpower to take up challenges and problems with a smile.

White Tiger Qigong organizes Qigong training courses and Qigong retreats throughout the year. We are coming up with two big Qigong events very soon. Visit our website and stay updated.

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