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Shorten Your Learning Curve and Master 5 Element Qigong Faster With Weekly Accompaniment Training For Just $30 a week.


Hey Tevia here.

You did it!

You just made one of the best decisions of your life by joining the All-New 5 Element Qigong Master Course & Teacher Training.

You’ve taken the first step to a more grounded, peaceful, and healthier life.

You’ve just proved that you’re special.


Because you’re willing to commit to improving your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Right now, my team is busy setting up the membership area for you, and once you begin working through each module...


I’m Convinced That Your Life Will Never Be The Same

Imagine what it’s going to be like when you...

… all through the power of Qigong.

You’re just moments away from receiving your login details.

But before you begin your journey to Qigong mastery, I have something very important to share with you.

The 5 Element Master Course & Teacher Training Is A Proven Solution and…

I Want to Make Sure You Get The Absolute Maximum Out of This Course And Enjoy Its Full Benefits

Students from all over the world join our training programs.

So as you can expect the Masterclass Q&A sessions are always a packed house!

You’ll get to meet students from different backgrounds, share your progress, and dive deeper into specific topics.

The White Tiger Qigong Instructors and I do our best to accommodate everyone.

You’ll have lifetime access to the pre-recorded video modules that can be completed at your own pace.

And we record each weekly live Q&A session, so you can always watch the replay if you’re unable to attend. (Students living in different time zones.)

But sometimes the quickest way to learn new skills is to seek out specialized attention.

You may feel uncomfortable asking questions in larger groups.

You might need unique modifications to a specific technique based on personal characteristics and ability.

You may feel ready to advance faster than the rest of the group.

Or you might be looking for someone to help keep you accountable and increase the probability of completing the course.

That’s why…

I want to offer you the opportunity to…

Learn From Your Very Own Certified Qigong Mentor

I’ve decided to create Weekly Accompaniment Training packages that provide additional tools to help you through the course and get certification-ready.

You’ll experience a more intimate setting (groups of 3-5 in compatible time zones) and gain direct access to your very own White Tiger Qigong Instructor.

Here’s how it works:

For the absolute best experience with the 5 Element Qigong Master Course, the Weekly Accompaniment Training is highly recommended.

Especially if you plan to take the 5 Element Qigong Instructor Certification.

Not only will it take you far less time to learn each technique...

Being in a small study group with motivated classmates is often helpful to reduce test anxiety.

In fact, when we held Master Courses & Teacher Trainings for other Qigong styles in the past…

We have found nearly every student who passed the teacher training certification exams had taken part in Weekly Accompaniment Training sessions.

Here’s What Alexandra Bawden Had To Say About Her Experience With The Weekly Accompaniment Training


“I recently completed the 5 Element Qigong Teacher Training Course with White Tiger Qigong and wanted to share my appreciation for the video analysis and teacher accompaniment I received from Sarah. Each week we had Zoom calls and went through the Element we were working on. This session was 100% worth the investment as it allowed me to ask questions and thoroughly learn intricate details which are not always obvious in the training. My understanding was enhanced with this added benefit and I would highly recommend including video analysis and teacher accompaniment when you sign up with WTQ” - Alexandra Bawden

So here’s the deal:

This is the one and only time you will see this page.

So if you like the idea of having your very own personal certified Qigong mentor, and you’d like to become more proficient at each of the techniques faster, you don’t want to miss the chance to sign up for the Weekly Accompaniment Training.

Spots will fill up fast.

All you need to do is choose how many sessions you’d like by clicking one of the options below.

The Weekly Accompaniment Training Sessions will automatically be added to your order.

Then keep an eye on your inbox, as we will be sending you an email regarding the times and dates for each call.

How Many Sessions Would You Like?

On This Private Page Only

Level 1

5 Session
$30 per session

Total: $150

Level 1-2

10 Session
$30 per session

Total: $300

Level 1-3

12 Session
$30 per session

Total: $360

Level 1-4

13 Session
$30 per session

Total: $390

Level 5

Level 5 Already Included $100 Value

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