New Qigong Instructors

Every year we host Qigong teacher certification courses in Bali and Thailand. I wanted to introduce you to a few of those teachers as they have quite interesting backgrounds and knowledge they bring to the table.

12696189_10153447030217507_399656153_nPia Örjansdotter from Sweden became certified in 5 Elements Qigong and Bagua Organ Qigong in Bali, Indonesia during our Organ Medical Qigong Teacher Certification. Pia was a former theatre actress at Dramaten. Pia has a lot of experience already in movement arts, body work, and energy work so she easily grasped and excelled in the Qigong forms of White Tiger Qigong. Pia now operates a clothing company in Bali, Indonesia and teaches Qigong as well as surfs when she can. She also teaches in Berlin, Germany and Sweden.

Joonas Qigong InstructorJoonas Pääkkönen from Helsinki, Finland joined our White Tiger Medical Qigong Teacher Certification in Bali, Indonesia. Joonas grew up in the forests of Finland, and is currently working on his PhD in wireless communication theory at Aalto University, close to Helsinki. He has a strong, life-long background in endurance sports, especially orienteering and long-distance running, and his hobbies include related coaching, sports medicine, physiology and biomechanics.

Struggling with chronic breathing problems eventually led him to consult a Chinese medicine doctor who quickly convinced him to try Qigong. After only a few weeks of training, it was clear that positive changes had occurred all across the board, including a more relaxed way of breathing which seemed to be key to solving several other issues. Fix your breath, and the rest of your life will fall into place, he says.

— Now I have better body awareness, higher energy levels, and effectively constant stillness of mind. Further, I can connect with the presence much faster than before. Qigong is in my nature. Also, it is a fasci(a)nating area of study, alongside of the more fragmented view of Western medicine that all too often concentrates on treating all issues as they were acute, with a here-take-a-pill type of attitude. The implications of Qigong practice are profound, but require plenty of self-discipline and unwavering inner focus. But once you get into the flow, it is a bit like running at a level where you do not need your feet anymore, you just go. This is when it becomes like riding the wind.

— Taking it back down from the abstract, pondering level, I am convinced by the concrete efficacy of the practice for treating and preventing illness. It requires virtually no equipment or financial status. The Daoist thought is deep, with a comprehensive understanding of how the world works. And how your body mechanics work. Coming to this with a rigorous scientific background, it is compelling for me to see how beautifully the Daoists have managed to condense their teachings to be as simple as possible, yet not oversimplified. This you can see in many of the Qigong forms and their healing effects: something that might outwardly seem to be a ridiculously simple thing to do, might turn out to work like magic. Quite literally.

If you are interested in taking your Qigong to the next level and becoming a certified Qigong Instructor through White Tiger Qigong’s unique Medical Qigong Teacher Certification program see here.


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