New Breakthrough- Qigong in 3D Online Course Training

I am really excited to present the 8 Trigram Qigong Master Course with 3D animation and a breakthrough in online learning. We have an incredible mix of real person and fully animated Qigong to show the anatomy, skeletal structure, organs, sports science and more all in the backdrop of an ancient Taoist temple. I wore a motion capture suit to create the animation.

What is a motion capture suit and why is it good for learning Qigong online?

Put simply, is a wearable device that records the body movements of the wearer. When I put it on the animation expert could see it in realtime on his computer. This allowed us to see every angle of my body since there is no camera. It has sensors all around it. We can do a full 360 degree view of the body which is amazing and makes online learning movements so much easier and fun. The issue with learning movements online usually is you can only see the body at 1-2 angles which often times is not easy to learn fro, especially when doing more circular or spiral like movements. This is a breakthrough in online learning for Qigong.We are merging the ancient with modern technology to give an amazing and immersive online learning experience like never before. No one else is doing this in the Qigong world.

Here is a sneak peak inside the course:

Here is a free lesson from the 8 Trigram Qigong Online Course which contains the very Qigong exercise which helped me heal my back after a brutal car accident in which doctors told me I would have to have surgery to fix my spine. I never had the surgery and twenty plus years later my back and spine are better than most people twenty years younger than me. There is an ancient saying that says you can judge a person’s age by the health of their spine. I hope everyone can have a healthy spine.This exercise Dragon Whips Its Tail will give you not only a deep undulation of your spine, but also gently massage the internal organs such as the kidneys and intestines which is really good for elimination and digestion.

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