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The All-New Meridian Qigong Mastery Program & Teacher Training

Achieve Peak Optimal Health Using A Once-Secret Qigong Practice Designed To Boost The Immune System, Reduce Stress, & Prevent Injury

The Meridian Qigong Master Course and Teacher Training officially begins on March 28th

Would you like to feel completely rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit every morning?

Would you like to move better, feel more comfortable in your body, and bullet-proof yourself from range-of-motion type injuries?

How about developing the ability to react to life’s stress with a greater sense of calm?

Or reduce your risk of catching seasonal colds and illness?

If you said YES, to any of the questions above, you’re going to love my brand new Master Course and Teacher Training.

Inside, I’ll teach the single best way to cultivate the flow of inner energy through your body’s meridian pathways for ultimate health and longevity…

What Are Meridians And How Do They Affect Health?

If you are familiar with yoga, you’ve likely heard about chakras before.

You know, the seven energetic centers that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head?


In the Daoist tradition, upon which Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based, the internal organs are considered the main energy storage and distribution points.

Out of the internal organs, a vast network of energy pathways runs through the body under the skin, from the abdomen out to the head, limbs, hands, and feet.

These are called the Meridians.

They are responsible for the circulation and flow of Qi through the body.

In Chinese Medicine (TCM), they say that our Meridians are like rivers and streams connecting to our organs, which are like oceans and lakes.

And just like a river that has been blocked up, that eventually swells and floods, blockages in the meridian channels prevent Qi from circulating correctly.

This can result in symptoms such as swelling, inflammation, fatigue, lack of circulation, pain, and so on.

And if the problem persists, it can cause damage to the internal organs.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for keeping your energy pathways clear and Qi circulating smoothly.

Introducing The All-New Meridian Qigong Mastery Program & Teacher Training

This 12-week program consists of recorded and live instruction, providing a proven road map to Meridian Qigong mastery.

Inside the course, you’ll learn a series of slow, rhythmic, and meditative Meridian Qigong exercises that gently and dynamically stretch, contract, push, pull, heat, and cool the body to relieve energy stagnation in the meridian channels and rejuvenate your entire body.

When I first discovered this style of Qigong, it was rarely shared outside the community of old Qigong masters living deep in the mountains of China.

But after decades of traveling across the globe to study Qigong directly under these old masters, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and broken it down into simple follow-along demonstrations.

Throughout the program, you’ll find detailed instructions on each movement, along with segments on Qigong theory and advanced concepts.

Altogether, the course is made up of 5 levels. You'll build your skill in sequential order, adding more tools to your Qigong practice as you progress, creating a compounding effect on your knowledge.

And when you begin to apply this dynamic meridian Qigong form as a daily exercise routine, you’ll experience:

Here’s Everything You’ll Find Inside The Course:

Level 1 – Body

In Level 1, you’ll discover how to perform each of the 14 Meridian Qigong exercises correctly and take a deep dive into the essential Qigong theory behind each movement.

After 35+ years spent learning Qigong, I have taken and seen many Qigong courses out there, and some are better than others.

I can confidently say that after taking one level of our teacher training course, you will have more knowledge of Qigong than 90% of modern Qigong practitioners out there.

Inside I'll reveal:

Bonuses (Value $49):

Full Payment

Level 2 – Breath

In Level 2, we break this down into a tangible practice using a fusion of Taoist traditional knowledge and sports science frameworks.

You’ll discover how to combine your breath and movements together to achieve a true mind-body connection.

I’ve personally watched new Qigong practitioners reduce their learning curve by years just from this level.

Bonuses (Value $98):

Full Payment

Level 3 – Spirit

In Level 3 you’ll discover the synchronization of body, breath, and spirit. If you desire to take your Qigong practice to a profound level, graduating this level is crucial to your path of mastery.

Bonuses (Value $118):

Full Payment

Level 4 – Prescription Qigong

Discover how to use Chinese Medicine, sports science, and sports medicine frameworks to prescribe Qigong exercises for specific ailments, illnesses, body pain, and emotional balance.

This is your chance to become your own doctor through a unique East-meets-West approach to holistic health.

Plus, when you join Level 4, you’ll not only get access to Levels 1-3, but you’ll also get access to three full courses.

These include:

Chinese Medicine Fundamentals Course

Meridians of Chinese Medicine Course

This course takes a deep dive into the meridians/channels of Chinese medicine. You’ll discover their main points, their pathways, and how they act as a bridge between your physiology and the universe.

More precisely, you’ll explore the relationship between cosmic laws and modalities and the meridians so you can maintain resonance despite the continual seasonal and daily changes.

Course Contents:


An ancient, time tested technique that anyone can do. Discover the most effective acupressure points to relieve illness and pain, and enhance circulation.

Fascia In The Moving Body Course

Bonuses (Value $217):

Level 5 – Teacher Training

Become a Meridian Qigong Teacher! Educate, inspire and assist others on the path of health and well-being. White Tiger Qigong applies a proven modern teaching system created by professional educators to help you achieve your teaching goals.

This level is perfect for practitioners who want to go deep with their Qigong understanding or health & wellness professionals interested in developing new skills to help their clients.

Come on board and create the Qigong school of your dreams.

Bonuses (Value $217):

How The Course Levels Work

First, you’ll choose the level you believe is the best fit for you. The course is designed to support both beginner and advanced practitioners.

After you’ve signed up, you'll receive an email providing instant access to the course materials, along with more info regarding the live masterclasses along with Q&A sessions.

This allows you to immediately start working through the modules at your own pace, applying what you’ve learned, and highlighting anything you’d like covered before the live Q&A sessions kick-off.

The first live masterclass will be held on March 30th, 2022, followed by sessions held once a week for the remainder of the course. The first module of pre-recorded lessons will be released March 28th, 2022.

These weekly live Masterclass and Q&A sessions provide the opportunity to learn directly from White Tiger Qigong Instructors and gain clarity on any techniques you find challenging.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to create study groups with your peers and create lasting friendships.

We do our best to accommodate different time zones. However, if you’re unable to make a live Masterclass, you will be given access to each recording for future reference.

Who Am I And Why Am I Qualified To Teach You Meridian Qigong?

As a Qigong student, Tevia journeyed worldwide seeking the greatest Qigong masters, settling in northwestern parts of Hubei, Beijing, and Southern China, where he lived and trained extensively with several Qigong masters.

Throughout his journey, he has acquired rare skills, from unique breathing techniques and exercises to delving into the heart of Qi energy. As a result, each master has shaped and lives in the Qigong training he teaches today.

He has since published featured articles in the largest Qigong Magazine in the world. Additionally, he has published 3 books on Qigong and has books translated into multiple languages. He has been named one of the top 3 Qigong masters in Indonesia.

He once only trained students 1-on-1 in person. But his new mission with White Tiger is to open new pathways for anyone to ignite transformations within themselves and realize their full potential. In sum: his goal is to create communities of consciousness and healing all over the world inspired by the integrated White Tiger method.

Meet Your Additional Instructors

Natalia Kolesnikova | Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor and Master Reiki Practitioner

For Natalia, Qigong is much more than just physical movement and breathwork; it’s a spiritual practice that focuses on health and wellbeing and brings peace of mind.

Since 2016, Qigong has provided Natalia with many transformational changes. It has helped her feel connection throughout her entire body and to herself and the world around her.

Today she is dedicated to helping others through individual classes, online classes, and group workshops.

Vita Revelli | Chinese Medicine Physician

After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Acupuncture from the ‘Dao College of Acupuncture,’ Vita traveled to China where she obtained her Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the Beijing University of TCM in 1981.

Since 1984, Vita has taught Chinese medicine internationally, becoming a well-known lecturer, practitioner, author, and translator of TCM, a medicinal philosophy that focuses on the laws governing life and how they can foster a holistic approach to health and vitality.

Today, she is the founder of the International Academy of Oriental Medicine and considers herself a free spirit and traveler, someone who is in love with life and dedicated to an endless path of learning.

What Students Are Saying About White Tiger Qigong…

Kimberly Hart

"I am 59 years old, and some of the aches and pains I’ve been told are part of aging and to be expected are now gone. In a short period of time, I have more flexibility, a more aligned posture, more energy, and a higher sense of peace. I plan to take additional courses with White Tiger Qigong to further my learning for the enhancement of health and longevity. Qigong has been an amazing journey that I look forward to continuing with White Tiger Qigong."

Doriane Gillet- France

Doriane Gillet

“Tevia is a one-of-a-kind teacher, and I recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Qi Gong, to improve his/her own practice, or to discover Qi Gong, to participate in one of Tevia’s training sessions. He has accumulated a lot of knowledge from highly respected masters throughout the years, and it is a real honor to receive some of these teachings.”

Dave Wilson

David Wilson

“Tevia is, without doubt, a gifted master, whose passion and dedication to his chosen path, including his commitment to constantly refine and deepen his practice, is infectious. His knowledge, patience, openness, and approachability, combined with his groundedness and humbleness, make him, in my opinion, an exceptional teacher who I hold with only the highest regard. I leave our time spent together as a more well-rounded individual, and I look forward to continuing and developing my studies with him in the future.”

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