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How to Become a Qigong Instructor – 3 Qualities You Need to be Successful

Category: Date: 22 September 2016 Comments: 0

“A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.”


I came across this beautiful quote and I could not stop myself sharing it in this post for the emerging Qigong instructors.

If you wish to become an efficient Qigong instructor, you need to have an incessible thirst for knowledge and curiosity so that you can sow the seeds of the same in your students.

According to me, every wannabe Qigong instructor should have three vital qualities to attain perfection in their job.

  1. A Powerhouse of Knowledge

Good students learn attentively from their masters and follow suit without any query. Brilliant students not only learn with concentration, but also, make queries to explore broader horizons. They are the souls that constantly teem with the urge to know more.

So, the important thing that you get from the aforementioned paragraph is that you are going to face both good and brilliant groups when conducting Qigong training course.

You need to be an expert in Qigong. Grab every nook and corner of it. Be a tree of knowledge.

  1. A Body of Knowledge

Qigong is all about achieving a healthy and happy mind and body, and exuding positive vibes. So, as a Qigong instructor, you must imbibe all these qualities.

While teaching this 5000-year old Chinese health practice to others, you need to be a perfect example of the knowledge you impart. Just being able to talk about it is useless if you don’t truly embody the knowledge. You need to show with your movements that you truly understand Qigong through every fiber of your being.

Flow like water, dance like fire, embrace the Tao.

  1. A Desire To Share and Inspire

A teacher is looked upon as a source of motivation and inspiration. He or she is the one who gives impetus to attain the heights of success, and encourages to improve and turn the weaknesses into strengths. Once you obtain this beautiful gift of Qigong, you bare a responsibility to share it with those who seek and desire the same.

Imparting Qigong training is to motivate your students to keep sharp focus, elevate the mind above the mundane realities and refine the vital energies to harmonize the spirit, body and breath.

Do you have these three traits? If the answer is yes, then don’t settle for less, join the most comprehensive and advanced Qigong Teacher Training Schools in Asia and share your passion.

Enroll now at the White Tiger School for Qigong Instructor Certification Course.

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