How Qigong Breathing Techniques Can Help Improve Posture & Overall Wellness

Qigong has been practiced and developed for over 5,000 years. Still, much of the popular attention has gravitated towards the movements of the practice and away from the very core of the practice of Qigong and its benefits: breathing. Before movements, before even standing, there is only breathing. Breath permeates every aspect of every Qigong practice and brings the practitioner into a state of relaxation, mindfulness, and connection when properly utilized during practice. 

At White Tiger Qigong, we value the practice of correct breathing and teach a variety of techniques that can improve student wellness and posture along with a variety of other physical, mental, and spiritual advantages. 

Benefits of Qigong Breathing

When one practices Qigong, one must recognize and respect the power of breath, increasing oxygen levels in one’s blood and opening blood flow to the abdomen and brain. Breathing links body and spirit in Qigong practice, charges the organs and meridians with Qi energy, and heals the mind and body of the student. 

At White Tiger Qigong, we teach the following breathing techniques for their continued healing and beneficial qualities: 

White Tiger Qigong teaches breathing techniques to provide practitioners with a strong foundation on which the rest of the practice, including numerous movements and meditative practices, may build. Qigong breathing has been known to increase energy levels, power, and endurance as a result of muscle relaxation, increased blood-oxygen levels, open circulation, mindfulness, and a consciousness of the body’s alignment. 

For instance: many breathing practices, especially those that require standing or sitting upright, help practitioners correct their posture and encourage them to break out from their bad posture habits. 

Breathing is practiced differently by many factions of Qigong learners and masters, but two things remain static: abdominal work and nose-breathing. The conscious effort of breathing, improving the circulation of oxygen and Qi through the body, and centering breath in the abdomen will work to strengthen the body and open up the next level of consciousness. 

Enhance Your Breathing Today

At White Tiger Qigong, students will learn the basic breathing techniques as well as move into the more advanced and ancient breathing practices through static positions and movements. 

Learn more about the healing effects of Qigong breathing by attending one of Master Instructor Tevia Feng’s Qigong Events or by taking the Primordial Breath Qigong Online Course. You can also check out the rest of the online courses here.

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