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How Qigong Became the Latest Health Trend

Category: Date: 17 October 2018 Comments: 1

Medical Qigong Teacher Training EventThere are widespread rumors saying that Qigong is set to become the latest health trend. In order to understand why one needs to know the basics behind the practice. As CNN’s Leonie Erasmus puts so eloquently

Qigong is all about movement, meditation, and controlled breathing – “the staples of every Qigong session, with the ultimate focus being holistic well-being.

The art of Qigong is as much an effective and efficient martial practice as it is a tool for mental and physical healing. For instance, learning certain aspects of White Tiger Qigong, like the 48 Month Palms, require unrelenting focus. Completing even just one of 48 palms, which takes six months, entails massive concentration as every muscle movement and physical detail is considered with each strike. Even in the traditional practice of White Tiger Qigong, the meditative benefits of the art are quite apparent.

Qigong has numerous benefits for healing

Healing and wellness

Another major factor that has contributed to the art’s increasing popularity is Medical Qigong. Through the foundational techniques of White Tiger Qigong alone, a practitioner can learn to channel energy, breathe properly, and cultivate natural focus, balance, and flexibility

These benefits are part of why there is speculation about Qigong being the “next yoga.” The consistent practice of Qigong can be therapeutic, and it can maintain if not regain primal health. If you’re interested in discovering these benefits in your own home, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine details several exercises based on ancient Qigong routines for cultivating healing energy.


Martial arts and Hollywood

Bruce Lee on set

Another reason why Qigong is slowly but surely becoming a mainstream health trend is that of the massive cultural influence of the legendary Bruce Lee. He was a major factor in how the whole world learned to embrace Eastern martial arts and the philosophies that come with them. While Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is, strictly speaking, a separate art from White Tiger Qigong, his vision of working to attain formlessness with detailed precision is exactly what students of Qigong should aspire to practice.


Bruce Lee’s entire martial philosophy is based on a number of ancient Asian techniques, and his meditation techniques, in particular, were rooted in the practice of Qigong. Today, the burgeoning popularity of the art as the next, newest health trend stands as a testament to Bruce Lee’s legacy, which today includes not just movies, but also video games and of course mobile apps. His classic films like Enter the Dragon, Game of Death, and Fist of Fury continue to be shown throughout theaters and streaming services, inspiring people who are curious about learning kung fu.

New media exposes new audiences to Qigong

New media

In terms of digital media, has a slot game called Bruce Lee, which uses images of the actor along with artifacts associated with Eastern martial arts. The browser game contributes to how the formerly obscure topic of Eastern martial arts is popular even online. And on mobile, there are numerous apps that use the man’s name and image, including Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do, which is designed to teach JKD techniques via descriptions and video demonstrations. In other words, the world of entertainment is filled with signs that can lead audiences to discover actual Eastern traditional practices.

While disciplines like karate, wrestling, and yoga have had their turn in the limelight, many experts agree that Qigong is about to step up as the next, biggest health trend in the world. If you really want to know what the fuss is all about, go on and enroll in a class.

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  1. HealthyBooklet.com on October 8, 2020 at 12:55 am

    On the other hand, in the areas of research that address outcomes typically associated with physical exercise, such as cardiopulmonary health or physical function, results are fairly consistent in showing that positive, significantly larger effects are observed for both Tai Chi and Qigong when compared to no-exercise control groups and similar health outcomes are found when compared to exercise controls. Even with the very wide range of study design types, strength of control interventions, and the entry level of the health status of study participants, there remain a number of remarkable and persistent findings of health benefits in response to both Qigong and Tai Chi.

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