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Gentle Qigong Course

Gentle Qigong Course

Find ultimate mobility, say goodbye to body pain, balance your emotions and find peaceful mindfulness with this easy-to-do Qigong for anyone at any age.

What You’ll Learn / Quick Stats

Level: Beginner

Age: Any age

Difficulty: Easy

2: Follow-Along Videos

Welcome to Gentle Qigong. in this follow-along course, you’ll find 3 videos: a brief introduction, a short Qigong sequence and a longer Qigong sequence. We also show a seated version of the practices. The forms are simple, easy-to-learn ancient Qigong exercises, designed to improve health and elicit greater well-being.

By enrolling in this course you’ll achieve:

Gentle Qigong Course Introduction

White Tiger Qigong is a meditative movement practice that harmonises the body, breath and spirit. It brings benefits on multiple levels, including increasing mobility, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance… as well as mental and emotional balance. In White Tiger Qigong, the emotions are intrinsically connected to the physical body, so we have also included a practice for releasing stagnant emotional energy from the body. This Qigong is wonderful for both honing the body for injury and illness prevention, as well as for rehabilitation.

Course Outline

20 minute follow-along sequence, comprising:

Spiral Palm Qigong

45 minute follow-along sequence, comprising:

Feel the Flow

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Bonus 1: Beginner's Mindset Online Course

($50 Value)

Having a Beginner’s Mindset is crucial for learning not only Qigong, but for just about anything. In this short mini-course, you will understand how to create the optimal mindset for learning White Tiger Qigong

Bonus 2: Foundations of Qigong Online Course

($50 Value)

Discover Qigong, the Foundations, Meaning, and Practice within this FREE Qigong training. Master Instructor Tevia Feng, Founder of White Tiger Qigong, answers the questions around ‘What is Qigong?’.

See What Others Are Saying About White Tiger

"Sarah Divine is a patient, highly knowledgeable, experienced teacher, who pays much attention to detail. With a gentle and warm disposition, she imparts her knowledge in a balanced and structured way. Her natural leadership and calming presence encourage her students to build confidence. Sarah’s academic and multidisciplinary skills are delivered with an open and compassionate style which has furthered my understanding and awareness of my own physiology and journey. She represents the true spiritually aware ethos of White Tiger Qigong who brings harmony, strength, and balance to her teaching and form. She is both inspirational and aspirational."
Andrea Friedman
“I'm 63 years old and he has his teaching designed so someone of my age can do it as well people who are younger. It was a practice I was looking for doing for the rest of my life and I believe I found it and I wanna share this with others.”
Kasey Conrad
63 years old
"For years I have known of the word Qi gong but never really known what it was. So about 6 months ago I discovered it via Youtube. I have just tried it few times but I must say I am amazed how direct I feel the effect and connection with both the movements and the energy. I have tried yoga and Tai Chi and I do meditation ( which is real good) but this is the first time I feel connected to a "style". I feel it is my thing. i am exited about it and I want to learn and understand more. Master Tevia was a fun, patient and great teacher. I really enjoyed the qigong training. I have a dream to become a fully certified White Tiger Qigong Instructor."
Thea Fruelund Nejsum
Thea Fruelund
45 years old

About The Instructors

Tevia Feng
Master Instructor

Having started Qigong, martial arts, and meditation training at the age of 7, he’s spent his life traveling the world studying a variety of Qigong styles under a variety of masters. Throughout his journey, he has met many Qigong masters around the world, acquiring rare skills, from unique breathing techniques and exercises to delving into the heart of Qi energy. Each master has shaped the Qigong training he teaches today. Committed to spreading the power of Qigong, Tevia has created some of the most comprehensive and advanced Qigong instructionals released online today. Tevia is considered one of the top 3 Qigong instructors in Indonesia. From around the globe, Qigong practitioners, professional healthcare workers, fitness enthusiasts, bio-hackers, and spiritual seekers all sign up to learn his unique East-meets-West approach to health and longevity.

Sarah Divine
Senior White Tiger Qigong Instructor

Sarah is a White Tiger Qigong senior instructor with a master's degree in sport & exercise science, based in Adelaide, Australia. In 2010, Sarah’s quest for personal development, wellness, and longevity practices led her to Taoist Medical Qigong. Since then, she has been a dedicated practitioner, instructor, and assistant to Master Tevia Feng, spending close to 1,000 hours at his teacher training intensives. Sarah’s goal is to continue her practice and research into Qigong while sharing its transformational benefits with the world.


Qigong is a system of knowledge that comprises at least 5,000 years of human evolution and covers all the fields of human interest.

It is officially known in China as the science of human potential and development.

There are many styles of Qigong available so it is important to understand what makes our style unique.

White Tiger Qigong are Taoist Qigong exercises that harmonize the body, breath and mind.

White Tiger specializes in dynamic Qigong exercises known well in Wuyi Mountain and Wudang Mountain but has very little exposure in the West and then it is fused with cutting-edge science, particularly neuroscience and sports science.

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Yes, this Qigong is designed for anyone at any level of fitness. It is gentle and flowing.

The breathing practices we introduce you to here are designed to improve breathing efficiency, to release stagnation from the body, and to learn to relax deeply. Additionally, discovering how to guide your movement with your breath is a huge component of what makes Qigong ‘Qigong’, and this helps to regulate the nervous system. This results in reducing the stress response and enhancing the relaxation response, so you will feel more relaxed, more emotionally balanced and freer in your body, as well as feeling a reduction in body aches and pains.

Meridians are channels that run throughout the whole body. Look at it as like roads inside our bodies – like a superhighway that interconnects roads and pathways both big and small. Therefore when the “Meridian road” is open and there are no blockages around, then Qi (energy) can flow swiftly through. In Chinese terms, the Meridians are called Jingluo (經 絡, jing-low), which means “channels”. The 2nd character, 絡, means “net-like”. So Meridians are “net-like” channels where Qi flows. The Meridian Qigong exercises are highly recommended to practice prior to the other movements. Each Meridian form has its own purpose and benefits. Meridian Qigong is a very good way to start your Qigong practice as warming up the body properly is critical, whether you are a beginner or an advanced qigong practitioner.

These movements have been expertly selected from the White Tiger Qigong Trinity System of core practices – 8 Trigram Organ Qigong, 5 Element Qigong and 5 Animal Qigong – for their ability to nourish and support your wellbeing. We’ll also use some Qigong meditation techniques.

8 Trigram Qigong works on principles of continuous flowing breath and movement. The movements are soft and gentle, so that anyone at any level can jump in and do them. The movements give a gentle massage to the internal organs. The forms are done in a horse stance while focusing on rhythmic, coiling, dragon-like, undulating flows, which give a gentle massage to the internal organs. This is the most gentle, yet internal of all the 3 Qigong systems. In this course we practise Throwing Away the Trash, The Wave and Dragon Whips Its Tail. It is really good for people with back and neck pain or back and shoulder mobility issues.

5 Element Qigong is a staccato Qigong done in place with 5 different stances that are related to the 5 Elements. Each Qigong form focuses on one of the 5 specific organ systems and those related Meridians through 5 different animal movements that relate to the element. In this course we practise Tiger. Tiger is with the Metal Element and is precise and linear, working on the lung system. It is really good for stretching and strengthening at the same time, and improving lung health.

5 Animal Qigong is from Hua Tuo who was the creator of Medical Qigong. It is the oldest known and first Medical Qigong system ever created. It is based on 5 different animal movements that work on the meridians, organs and bones. It was designed so that you move the way the element does to benefit that organ system. It has 5 different animals and each animal has 4 different forms laid out in seasons. Thus, there are 20 forms in total. It is the most dynamic of the 3 Qigong systems and has the most variety of movements. In this course we practise Crane Flaps Its Wings. It is a beautiful expansive, upward rising form and gives a gentle balance challenge.

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Feel The Flow

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