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5 Element Qigong & Breathwork Mastery and Teacher Training Vietnam

Medical Qigong Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong (Winter Forms) Week 1-3

The Most Advanced and Comprehensive Qigong Program In Asia


February 21, 2022 –
March 12, 2022

Alba Wellness Valley

Phong Son, Phong Dien, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

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A word from the Master Instructor Tevia Feng

Hi, I am Tevia Feng, Founder of White Tiger Qigong. I will be leading the Medical Qigong Teacher Training: 5 Animal Qigong (Winter Forms) in Vietnam in February. It would be an honor to have you join my course and share with you my lifelong experience and knowledge of this sacred practice.

When you come to study with me in February, I will ensure you have one of the most profound and unforgettable Qigong experience of your life. I will be sharing ancient techniques that you can easily assimilate and gain a deep understanding of. I have spent years of my life working with Olympic athletic coaches, anatomy specialists and fascia experts to develop the most advanced and comprehensive Qigong training anywhere.

It is my vision to help guide you into finding your own healing, transformation, and discovering your true potential from within. I hope you will join me on this journey.


Overview & Pricing

In this 5 Animal Qigong (Winter Forms), you will be studying 10 different forms of Medical Qigong. There are 5 Animals, and you will be learning Forms 3+4.  In total, there are four forms for each oft he 5 Animals. In the 5 Animal Qigong (Summer Forms) taking place in Vietnam in December 2020, you would be learning  Forms 1+2.

You do not have to complete the Summer Forms in order to do this training as they are not in sequential order.

We encourage you to complete all three weeks of this training. The training follow the Body-Breath-Spirit principle. This means you will learn the sequence of the forms in week 1, adding Qi and the breath in week 2, and gain proficiency as well as study the theory and practice needed for your teacher certification in week 3.

You will receive a Certificate of Participation for each week attended. If you want to become a Certified White Tiger Instructor, you will need to complete all three weeks of one Module (200hrs) and take a written test as well as submit your forms for a video analysis after completing the training.

Here is an overview of what you will learn in Week 1-3:

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Week 1


Overview Philosophy Qigong Forms Inner Alchemy Also, You’ll get Overview

In week 1, you will focus on learning the sequence of the 10 forms in total.


  • Qigong Fundamentals
  • History of Qigong and Medical Qigong
  • 3 Treasures
  • Taoist Philosophy
  • Styles of Qigong (Medical, Spiritual, Martial)

Qigong Forms

  • 10 Ancient Forms of Qigong
  • Form 3+4
  • Meridian Qigong
  • Special Stretches for Forms

Inner Alchemy

  • Primordial Breath Level I
  • 3 Stage Ballon Breathing
  • 4 Gate Breathing

Also, You’ll get

  • 10 Ancient Forms of Qigong
  • 5 Animal Qigong e-Book
  • Meridian Qigong Warm-ups
  • Inner Alchemy Training
  • Modern Fascia Research and Its Application to Qigong
  • Chinese Medicine and Its Application to Qigong

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Week 2


Overview Qigong Theory Also, You’ll get Overview

In week 2, you will focus on the Qi and add the breath to your movement. You will go deeper into 4 Gate Breathing, 5 Element Theory, Meridian theory and fascia’s applications to this Qigong.


  • 5 Animal Qigong Forms 3+4 Week 2
  • 4 Gate Circulation Form


  • Chinese Medicine Theory and Qigong
  • Principles of the Form
  • 5 Element Theory
  • Meridian Theory and Science
  • Fascia and Its Applications to this Qigong
  • 5 Element Theory Applied to the Qigong
  • Anatomy of the Forms
  • Kinetic Chains and Qigong

Also, You’ll get

  • Primordial Breath Level II
  • Golden Elixir Breath
  • Skin Breathing
  • Strengthening the Wei Qi (Guardian Qi) Shield
  • A secret Qigong Breathing technique only taught in person

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Week 3

Spirit: Become a Medical Qigong Teacher

Overview Teacher Training Course Week 3 Also, You’ll get Overview

In week 3, you will gain proficiency by adding the element of spirit to your practice, going deeper with breathing and meditation techniques. This week includes theory and practical elements required for your Teacher Certification. This is the week the Teacher Training really begins. You will have gained confidence in your practice and have learned the fine details of each form. You will do a video analysis of your forms, as well as practice to teach in small groups.

Teacher Training Course

  • How to Teach Qigong Forms
  • Students Teach Mock Classes
  • How to create niche workshops
  • How to Run Your Own Qigong School
  • Video Analyzation

Week 3

  • Qigong by Prescription – how to prescribe Qigong exercises like Medicine
  • Applying the Spirit to Qigong
  • Applied Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory to Qigong

Also, You’ll get

  • 5 Animal Qigong Online Course ($297 value)
  • 200 Hours Training
  • Teacher’s training manual (80+ pages)
  • 5 Animal Qigong e-Book ($20 Value)
  • Meridian Qigong
  • Secret in-person only Qigong Breathing technique
  • Free Trial Membership in Qigong Mastermind Group
  • Over $650 in Free Gifts


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Accommodation and Food

Alba Wellness Resort and Hot Springs, Hue, Vietnam

Inspired by the therapeutic healing qualities of Alba natural hot spring, discovered at the foot of Truong Son mountains in 1928, Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion transforms the wholesome magic of this natural water into a health-giving reality.

Located 30kms north of Hue city, Alba Wellness Valley is managed by Fusion, a leading innovator of wellness-inspired hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia.

Offering more choices of accommodation, dining experiences, and wellness activities, including hot spring and Japanese onsen baths in two separate areas, Alba Wellness Resort and Thanh Tan Hot Springs Hotel, Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion is Vietnam’s first ever wellbeing destination.

Located on 50 hectars of nature, with their own organic gardens, it is a get away like no other in Asia.

We have rooms for all budgets for the backpacker to 5-Star.

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