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The Year of White Tiger

In this new year of 2022, we are entering the year of the Tiger.

The Year of the Rat (2020) was about survival. This was evident when Covid was released into the globe. Anchoring ourselves in new reality was the theme of the Year of the Ox (2021). This happened while we were becoming used to the so-called ” new normal.”

The Year of the Tiger will be marked by major transformations. This will be a year of adventure and risk-taking. We’re rediscovering our enthusiasm for ourselves and others. Everyone is fired up, generosity is at an all-time high, and social progress appears to be within reach once more.

I thought this is an appropriate time to introduce why we call our academy, White Tiger Qigong.

There are multiple roads that led to this, I will explain those here.

Which Road to Take?

Firstly, In the traditional Qigong and martial arts training that I was in, I was taught multiple animal forms. This was originally influenced by the Wu tribal people in ancient China from over 5000 years ago. These were the first people to start the practice of what is now called ‘Qigong”. They were a shamanic tribe that practiced animal dances to get into trance states and obtain “powers” by connecting with the spirit of the animal. This kind of practice is found in tribal people around the world from the North American Native Americans, to the indigenous South Americans.

This practice then influenced the Daoist Qigong practitioners thousands of years later such as Hua Tuo, the godfather of Medical Qigong and famous Chinese Medicine physician to the emperor. He created the 5 Animal Qigong. These practices bled into many styles of martial arts and Qigong that are still practiced widely today.

Finding the Tiger Within

Secondly, My master asked me to find what animal I resonated with and become that animal. I felt the connection to both the white tiger and the black jaguar. He said to study everything I could about how it moves, how it lives, and hunts. In some Daoist schools, the white tiger pairs with the black dragon. The tiger is viewed as a balancing spiritual force to the dragon. While the dragon represents yang or masculine energy, the tiger represents yin or feminine energy. If one is missing, the world falls out of balance.

In Daoism, we have Yin and Yang. Where there is light, there must be dark and vice versa. The white tiger represents healing and creation, the black jaguar represents destructive force, the martial side, and the hidden power of the shadow side. They each have their own power to create a balanced Yin and Yang. As in the 5 Elements, we have the creative and destructive cycles, of which both have their place and roles. The White Tiger is associated with the metal element of the 5 Elements. The organs are the lungs and large intestine.


White Tiger in History

In addition, when we look deeper into the White Tiger, it has a powerful history in ancient China. The White Tiger can be found in ancient Daoist scrolls and pictures, in China. It was a part of ancient Daoist esoteric inner alchemy practices.

Historically, white tiger symbolism included virtue, courage, and peace. The white tiger symbolizes the protection of goodness, while a destroyer of evil.

There is an ancient saying, “Only when the emperor ruled with absolute virtue the white tiger appears. The White Tiger is known as the king of the Chinese pantheon. Look at the Chinese character, wang 王, which means king. It is on the White Tiger’s head.



王 Wang King of Chinese Pantheon




It is also one of the 4 Chinese star constellations which are the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North.

So, Why White Tiger Qigong?

In conclusion, we have a White Tiger Qigong dynamic form of Qigong which is a fusion of the White Tiger Qigong Trinity System. It is a form at the apex of our system and is currently only taught to those who have completed a part of the White Tiger Qigong Trinity System. We also teach the White Tiger Qigong Breath which is a more advanced breathing system taught after someone has learned the fundamentals of the Primordial Breath and Golden Elixir Qigong.

Moreover, when I practice my Qigong, I feel the power of the spirit of the white tiger. When I feel the deep pains of life, I turn to the wisdom and power of the white tiger, I breathe it out and let it go, becoming stronger and all the wiser. I let it flow through me in every step, feeling the courage and humility to carry through life.