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Dragon Qigong for Courage

Category: Date: 2 October 2022 Comments: 0
Remember your Power 1000 y/o Technique to Conquer Fear vlog by White Tiger Qigong Instructor Elly Burgonio

The Dragon Qigong connects to the Water Element. In Chinese Medicine the Water Element connects to the emotion of Fear. Watch the video above by White Tiger Qigong Instructor Elly Burgonio about the Dragon Qigong from the 5 Element Qigong. This video is a quick vlog that will help you learn and practice the Dragon Qigong daily.

A woman practicing Dragon Qigong surrounded by untouched nature
Photo: Elly Burgonio / Elly Phoenix

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the practice of harmonizing the body, breath, and spirit into one. In literal translation,”Qi” pronounced as “chee” means energy or air. Qi is the circulating life force, it is the energy that forms life in all living things. It is often translated to “life force” or “energy flow”. The principle of qi is being followed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other martial arts practices. “Gong” means work. When put together Qigong is “The practice of working on or cultivating energy”.  

Qigong follows the principle of Tao which is the universal energy. It is often connected to infinity, nothingness , or absolute. The principle of Tao follows the natural order of things. Tao is the main principle of Taoism (Daoism). Through qigong we follow the natural flow and order of things and harmonize with the energy of heaven and earth.

5 Element Qigong 

The 5 Element Qigong is a dynamic qigong. This system of qigong focuses on healing and bringing balance into the internal organs by healing the associated emotion that connects with it. In Chinese Medicine, it is known that the organs connect to our emotions. Imbalances in our emotions cause imbalances in the organ connected to it and vice versa, imbalances in our organs, causes imbalance in the emotion which connects to it. 

Each element in the 5 Element Qigong has a particular animal connected to it. The movement of each 5 Element Qigong is related to the specific animal connected to the element. The 5 element Qigong follows the 5 Element principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dragon Qigong

Chinese Medicine of Dragon Qigong

The Dragon Qigong connects to the Water Element. It is known in Chinese Medicine that the Water Element connects to the emotion of Fear. The Dragon Qigong helps release the emotion of fear stored in the body, particularly in the Kidney. This qigong also brings in courage as the antidote emotion for fear. 

The Dragon Qigong connects to the color black or blue. Water element also connects to the season of winter. The season of winter is the season when nature slows down, and turns more inward or hibernates. Water Element also connects to the North direction. 

The sense of hearing connects to the Water Element as well. To balance the water element it is helpful to listen to nice sounds or nature sounds, such as the graceful waves of the ocean. The taste or food to balance the Water Element are salty foods, not artificial salts but more natural salty food or salts such as Himalayan salts. If you have imbalances with the Kidney or the Water Element it is better to decrease unhealthy salt intakes.

Anatomical and Physiological Structure of Dragon Qigong

In Dragon Qigong we twist the spine in a Bow Stance (Gong Bu). This is very good for the kidneys. The Bow Stance helps bring energy to the kidneys, as the back leg connects to the earth and lengthens. The twist in the spine helps stimulate energy to the kidneys, releasing and wringing out toxins. It is important to keep your proper Bow Stance alignments to receive the maximum benefits of this. 

Benefits of Dragon Qigong

Physical Benefits (Body)

Benefits in the Fascia 

The Dragon Qigong helps stretch and open up the Spiral Line and Deep Front Line fascia in the body. When we lift the arm on the side of the body, this help stretch the Spiral Line and the lower hands extended to the back increases the contraction on the other side of the Spiral Line. Looking at the back hand helps deepen the stretch and contraction of the Spiral Line. 

The Deep Front Line is stimulated through the Bow Stance as it engages though the psoas movement. 

The Kidney and the Kidney Meridian

Meridian Qigong form
Learn more about the 14 Meridian Qigong form

The Kidney Meridian is also the Root of Life, Reservoir of Energy, and Seat of Courage & Willpower. The Dragon Qigong helps stimulate flow of energy in the Kidney and the Kidney Meridian. 

Function and Qualities of the Kidney and the Kidney Meridian 

The Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste from the blood and transporting it to the Bladder organ, which is the organ responsible for transforming and excreting waste as urine. The Kidneys regulate and balance fluids in the body along with the Large Intestines.

The Kidney Meridian is a Yin Meridian. It regulates the development of bones and nourishes the marrow. The marrow is the body’s source of red and white blood cells. An impaired Kidney can cause anemia and immune system deficiency. 

In Chinese Medicine, the spinal cord and the brain are marrows, therefore, these are affected when the Kidney has impairment. Kidney impairment also causes poor memory and incapacity to think clearly. Back aches are effects of many things like improper posture, but they are also signs of kidney impairment and deficient kidney energy. 

The external manifestation of the kidney’s health can be seen through the condition of the head and body hair, as well as, the entrance of the ears. Ringing ears or Tinnitus may also be a sign of kidney imbalances. 

In Chinese Medicine the Kidney is known to be the seat of courage and willpower. Imbalances in the Kidney and the Kidney Meridian may result in excessive fear or paranoia. The Kidney pairs with the Yang organ, the Bladder. Excessive fear results in involuntary secretion of urine. 

Kidney Meridian 

Element: water

  • Physical Imbalances: chest pain, asthma, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, impotence, hernia 
  • Emotional Imbalances: hysteria, paranoia, depression, fear, loneliness and insecurity 
  • When Balanced: have more wisdom, be more rational, and, have clear perception, gentleness and self understanding 
  • Peak Hours: 5-7pm

Energy Circulation (Breath) 

Using the breath techniques in the 5 Element Qigong helps release old energy, release negative emotions, bring heat to the body, and bring in positive emotions. 

In this Qigong the movement follows the breath. This helps harmonize the body and the breath which is a very essential principle of life. Breath brings life, it has a significant role in connecting the body and mind. The breath is a vital component that helps guide and circulate the Qi or energy in the body. Through Qigong we strengthen our awareness of how we can use the breath to reach beneficial results in the body. 

Spiritual Benefits (Spirit) 

The Dragon Qigong’s spirit connects with the Water Element and the movement of the dragon which is flowing, slow, and soft. Most of the time in the modern world we are used to thinking that we should always be fast, strong, and tough to be courageous or powerful. 

Being fast, strong, and, tough has its many benefits, including helping us push for movement, transforming, and pursuing objectives. However, flowing, slowing down, and being soft teaches us to trust, listen, and let go. In modern times, where heavy demands and quick action are often expected, these traits take courage to epitomize as well. 

The way of being in the spirit of the Dragon Qigong allows us to find strength and courage in being soft. This is very important and beneficial especially in this day and age when it has become more difficult to let go and release control. Being in the fast-paced world may sometimes bring more fear, especially of the unknown future. On other hand, having the courage to flow in these times is very essential to help us tune into our power and reflect to help us have clear thinking, better decision making, and, stay rational and wise. By applying the spiritual component of Qigong we can reach and be in our most optimal state. 

Some Key Points of Dragon Qigong

Lower Body: 

From Zhan Zhuang (Standing Qigong) shift into horse stance (Ma Bu). 

Horse Stance:

  • Both feet firmly pushing to the ground
  • Knees do not pass the ankles
  • Both feet facing forward 
  • Sink as low as you can 

From Horse Stance shift into Bow Stance. 

Bow Stance: 

  • Both feet firmly pushing into the ground 
  • Front foot facing forward to the same direction as your knees
  • Hips are square
  • Back foot turned inward to a 45-degree angle 
  • Back leg is straight rebounding the energy from the ground
  • Front leg bends with knees above the ankles
  • Front leg is shock absorbing energy towards the ground 

Upper Body: 

 At the peak of the form 

  • Top palm flexed facing the sky over the head  
  • Back hand facing the sky and at the shoulder level  
  • Both arms straight  
  • Maximum twist in the spine

Remember your Power through Dragon Qigong

Dragon Qigong has a lot of benefits in the body, breath and, spirit. It helps open up and strengthen the body by releasing stagnations. Through the Dragon Qigong we balance the kidney and help improve kidney functions. The breath guides and circulates the qi in the body. Through the breath techniques in the Dragon Qigong we release old energy, release negative emotions, bring heat to the body, and bring in positive emotions. By connecting to the spirit of Dragon Qigong we tap into our courage and power by remembering how to flow and be soft. Truly, the Dragon Qigong is a very wonderful exercise that will help us reach our fullest potential.  

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