Different Types of Qigong – Let’s Get to Know About Them

More than 5,000 years old and known as the science of human potential and development in China, Qigong is an ancient Chinese health practice that harmonizes mind and body to boost mental wellness and physical well-being. There are different types of Qigong and in each of them encompasses the harmonization of mind and body through breathing exercises, meditations, body movements and postures. This is the basic essence of Qigong.

Four Different Types of Qigong

  1. Medical Qigong – It can be the key to cure a number of health concerns, physical, mental and emotional. From treating minor back injuries to major diseases like, cancer, Medical Qigong detects the root causes of the troubles and provides an overall cure. It involves the use of breathing exercises, meditation and gentle movements by emphasizing on the internal organs of the body. People suffering from stress and depression can find relief from Qigong Breathing and Meditation.

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  1. Martial Qigong – Speed, stamina and dexterity are the prime requirements for becoming a martial artist. Martial Qigong enables martial artists to boost their agility and enhance stamina by learning diverse methods of combat.
  2. Spiritual Qigong – It aims at achieving the perception or realization of the existence in the present moment. The basic idea of Spiritual Qigong is to keep your focus on what you want to accomplish by making you more self-aware and attain mental tranquility.
  3. Scholarly Qigong – The advent of Scholarly Qigong dates back to the ancient times when scholars practiced Qigong with the sole purpose of discovering the many potentials of human body and mind.

These are the four different types of Qigong. Each of them aims at attaining a clear and calm state of mind and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is the core concept of Qigong.

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