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Crane Soars and Descends Qigong

Category: Date: 31 December 2019 Comments: 2

Crane Soars and Descends Qigong from White Tiger Qigong’s 5 Animal Qigong


Bring your back leg behind you, straightening the back knee and pointing the toes. Lift the leg as high as it can go while maintaining a low position through the bent support leg.

At the same time, raise the arms out- wards with the hands slightly in front of the shoulders.

Spread the arms as far and high as they can go. You should now feel a stretch in the chest and shoulders.

Step forwards with the back leg while drawing the arms down in front of you and repeat the sequence on the other side.

Breath: Exhale as you spread your wings and inhale as you bring your arms in.

Spirit: As you open your arms, embody the Crane soaring on the wing. When drawing your arms back in, feel as if you are descending.

crane qigong meridians 5 animal qigong


Crane Soars and Descends Qigong of the 5 Animal Qigong enhances both fascia and muscle tone, while improving balance as well. All of the rear fascia lines, from the neck and shoulders down to the legs, are strengthened and toned through this sequence.

In fact, since everything is being held up against the force of gravity, this means that considerable engagement of the neck, shoulder, arm, back and leg muscles is required, also having a strengthening and toning effect.

Added to this, the form promotes forward/backward balance, engaging all the quadrants of the standing leg while the body is in horizontal alignment. The Back Line fascia engagement helps to achieve this balance.

Particular to this animal, as you stretch out, the Qi goes through the Meridians of both the arms and the legs.

You can also see the Crane Qigong video below and study from that.


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