White Tiger 5 Element Qigong eBook

5 Element Qigong eBook

Deep rhythmic movements of 5 different animal Qigong forms, Qigong meditation, deep Qigong
breathing techniques and a strong, focused spirit.

Each animal form works to heal and bring into balance the internal organs and the meridians of the body. Each animal represents a different element of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. Each element is associated with a different internal organ and related meridian.

Discover A Once Secret and Rare Taoist Qigong Form Over 1000 Years Old

In this book you will get:

  • 5 powerfully transformative, deep, dynamic healing Qigong
  • Special Qigong Breathing techniques
  • Qigong Meditation
  • 8 Qigong Meridian Warm-Up Exercises
  • Qigong Theory in depth
  • Fascia and its unique role in this Qigong
  • Anatomy of 5 Element Qigong
  • Chinese Medicine applications of 5 Element Qigong
  • Jam-packed with over 50+ high-resolution photos
  • Clear and easy to follow step-by-step instructions and photos
  • Qigong theory and knowledge


  • Meridian Qigong Qigong exercises to warm-up the body



5 Element Front and Back
5 Element Qigong eBook
5 Element Qigong eBook

About 5 Element Qigong

5 Element Qigong Form


Sports Science: Fascia and Qigong

Spiral Lines

Anatomy of Qigong


You will discover more than just Qigong


What our students say

Robert Seeling

Robert Seelig (Retired) USA

I recently completed an intensive 3 week Qi Gong class with master teacher Tevia Feng. If you ever want to learn Qi Qong from a fabulous teacher look no further.


Julie Francotte

Belgacom - Belgium

I have been to China to train Qigong and Kungfu, but Tevia's training was so much more detailed and thorough explanations that I never got before. I learned more in one day with him than 1 month in China. It was exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely come back to train with Tevia again!