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Bone Marrow Breathing Qigong

Category: Date: 15 February 2015 Comments: 2
Bone Qigong Bow Stance

Bow Stance “Gong Bu”

Now a-days I see many Qigong schools in the west teaching basic standing Qigong exercises and basic breathing exercises. They will never get to experience the depth of a powerful, real Qigong practice that incorporates deep stretching and stances to drive the Qi deeper into the body. Through applied pressure on the skeletal structure through deep stances such as horse stance, Bow stance and more along with the deep twisting unique to the White Tiger Qigong system the Qi is able to drive deeper into the layers of muscle fascia, through the meridians, into the organs and finally into the bones. After you have finished this dynamic practice, there is a more secret practice that I usually do not teach the beginner student and that is the Bone Marrow Breath Qigong.  Through this special Qigong breathing technique we are able to breath Qi through the hands and feet, spiraling it around the bones and then absorbing it. Check below for the exercise instructions.

Why is Bone Qigong is so important?

  • Stronger Immune System
  • Increased sexual energy
  • Deeper relaxation
  • Increase bone density
  • Stave off Osteoporosis

In Chinese Medicine the Bone Marrow is related to the kidneys and the immune system. By strengthening this through Bone Marrow Breathing Qigong, you will have a stronger immune system to ward off sickness and disease. It can also increase your sexual vigor.

Benefits of Bone Marrow Qigong From a Western Perspective:

Both red and white blood cells are produced in the marrow of the bones. They are vital to the body’s defense system. Through doing Bone Qigong we are increasing the amount of these blood cells by increasing deep circulation, deep into the bones. There has been modern scientific research that has proven you can increase the density of the bones through putting pressure on the skeletal structure. Thus, Bone Qigong is a great solution.  Why would you want to increase bone density? Well, when you get older nobody likes to think of Osteoporosis, but it is a reality for many when the bones become more fragile and are easier to break.

If muscle fascia can generate electrical charges through coiling and uncoiling, and the muscle fascia connects all the way into the bones, then the coiling combined with the deep stances will drive the circulation or “Qi” deep into the bones. Once you have completed these exercises doing the Bone Marrow Breathing Qigong is like having a cherry on top of your dessert. It will give a final push of Qi deep into the body. After I do it I can feel my whole body vibrate all the way to the core, literally. It is an amazing feeling I wish I could share with everyone.

Basic Bone Marrow Breathing Qigong Exercise Instructions:

Standing in Zhan Zhuang (Standing Post) Qigong stance or horse stance holding your palms at chest level, breathe into the palms and visualize white energy coming in through the Lao Gong points (palm centers) and fingertips spiraling around the fingers, up the hands, around the arms and up to the spine. As you breathe out, imagine the Qi energy absorbing into the bones. Once you have done this for some time, now draw the breath from the Yong Quan points (center of soles of the feet). Imagine a white energy spiraling up and around the toes, around the bones of the feet, up the legs and up to the spine. As you breathe out, imagine the Qi absorbing into the bones.

Zhan Zhuang

Zhan Zhuang

Bone Marrow Breathing Qigong with Packing:

Once we have gotten the feeling of Qi spiraling around the bones, the next stage is to pack it by using a special squeezing method, which packs it into the bones even more intensely. To do this, follow the same instructions as above. This time, after you reach your peak inhalation, hold the breath and squeeze the muscles around the bones to pack in the Qi much more deeply.  As you exhale, imagine the Qi absorbing into the bones.

Please keep in mind, these are basic instructions. There are much more detailed instructions that can only be passed down verbally by a qualified instructor. I can teach this method through an online Qigong training session or come to one of our Qigong Retreats such as February 21 in Tao Garden and or at our upcoming Qigong Teacher Training in April.

The Bone Marrow Breathing Qigong is most effective when you have finished other Qigong exercises such as the 5 Element Qigong, Circle Walking Qigong and or other intensive dynamic Qigong exercises. It should also be combined with the Bone Marrow Cleansing Breathing Qigong exercise. In the most advanced practices we do practice the Bone Marrow Breathing in the 8 Stances. It is quite an intense practice for the experienced practitioner only.

I want to share this special Qigong exercise with all my students so I hope that they can experience what an amazing feeling it is and the benefits that result after continued practice.

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  1. Fredric D Shulman, Ph.D on January 25, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    I have developed chronic lymphocytic leukimia. I have been practicing non-
    strenuous qi gong for a few years, more recently on a daily basis. What specific
    movements can I practice to help heal my CLL, which my oncologist and other doctors say is not life threatenimg.

    • Tevia Feng on January 26, 2018 at 5:02 pm

      Hi Fredric, thanks for your question. This is a specific case and also we need to take into consideration various other factors. To accurately prescribe you a medical Qigong sequence. This requires and intake and analysis. We also need to know what kind of movements or exercise your doctor recommends or says not to do.
      Can you give any kind of this information?

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