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Beginner’s Guide to Qigong Practice

Category: Date: 14 September 2021 Comments: 0

Qigong is known to help heal, cure and improve our way of life. This beginner’s guide to Qigong Practice will help to cultivate skills to improve our quality of life. Fusing quality of life and cultivating our skills can be a tricky path. This beginner’s Guide to Qigong Practiceto will help beginners understand the process of learning and training.

We always recommend practicing qigong every day. This will not just improve your flexibility and performance but you are also cultivating a habit. Habit is from the Latin word “habitus” meaning acquired behavior. A behavior or practice can only be a habit if done regularly. Hence, the word “habit”. A quote from Lao Tzu explains how our habits can form.

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.  Lao Tzu

Beginner’s Guide to Qigong Practice

Beginner’s Guide to Qigong Practice

This beginner’s guide to Qigong practice will help you form a habit of practicing Qigong. Make sure that the habit you are forming is also following with the right positioning and forms. This ensures that you are delivering the moves correctly and don’t have to go back and start again. In addition to learning the basics, these will help you improve your practice and establish training habits. Habits that you need to cultivate and learn from. Therefore practicing using the beginner’s guide will help you progress.

Know your limits to improve

Knowing your limits is essential to understanding your personal base point. It is important to understand how our body works. Knowing your limitations is a factor we need to establish. When we know our limits we can slowly move forward and defy that limit without being injured. So understanding how and what we can do to push and defy our limits and ultimately reach our full potential is essential. There should also be a distinction between pain and discomfort. Discomfort is normal when there is a process working within our body.

A process can lead to progress in which is our goal. You may feel at some point a degree of pain and discomfort when practicing, however, knowing what causes the pain and how it progresses can help you understand your body better. We recommend to always, always listen to your body. You are the only person that can how you feel and understand how your body reacts to certain forms and positions.

Establish training habits and follow the basic Qigong practice guide

Establish training habits. We recommend practicing daily! The time should be where you are comfortable and not too exhausted to train. You should start following a daily routine of practice. A thirty-minute practice to an hour is good enough to establish a habit of practicing qigong. This will help you guide your qigong practice. especially if you are a beginner.

Feel the journey of the your Qigong practice

Explore and Savor. Despite seeing the practice time as training, don’t forget to savor each moment. Take every step not just to listen to your body. Use this time also take this time to explore how your body moves. Embrace each practice as a way of reaching out to your inner self. This will also allow you to understand the extent of your body’s movement, twists, and lunges. Make your practice an experiential journey!

Know the basic first

Know the basic stances and forms well. To establish a good qigong practice, always learn the basic stances and forms. This will serve as your foundation in the coming practice. So it is better to start off right. We have videos on Youtube that will help you guide your Qigong practice and increase your knowledge while sticking to the basics. We always suggest starting off with 8 trigram online course and move to 5 elements online course and maybe 5 Animals online course. So starting off this way you start with gentle massages of the 8 Trigram forms.

How to prepare as a beginner?

  1. Come with an empty cup. It does not matter how much you studied Qigong or how long you practiced, but always start as a new cup with White Tiger Qigong. Always put yourself as a beginner and drop all the knowledge so you can fill your cup with new knowledge.
  2. Don’t compare yourself and judge. Each one learns differently and progresses differently. It is not always who finishes the first but who learned most and delivers the right forms. So it is important not to judge the program and your learning status before you finish. Therefore, making judgements will only create a negative emotion that will impede your learning.
  3. Aim to finish. Everything has an end so always aim to finish and love every moment of your journey.

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