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A Complete Holistic Training Method

White Tiger Qigong has a truly unique, fully integrated, holistic system of training of Qigong, specializing in a deep, dynamic Medical Qigong and internal martial arts. In ancient times, many traditional Taoist masters were trained in Qigong, martial arts and healing.

Now a-days it is hard to find a fully integrated system. White Tiger Qigong offers this training to create a truly complete training program. Ultimately the goal for this system of Internal Arts is health and longevity as it is a physical, mental and spiritual elixir.

Discover White Tiger Qigong's Unique Approach to Qigong



Explore fascia’s unique role in Qigong. Our course delves into the sports science of fascia, its connections with the Chinese Meridian system, emotions, injuries and how to apply to it White Tiger Qigong for healing, movement and maximum human potential.


Discover the actual anatomy behind each Qigong exercise and why it matters. We will delve into the bones, joints, organs, the nervous system and how it all ties into the Qigong.

Chinese Medicine

We dive into the meridians, organs, their connections with emotions, energy, and its applications to Qigong. This course includes a powerful Chinese Medicine module combining Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Qigong for healing and peak energy.

A Unique Qigong Training System

Most Qigong training systems taught in the west are incomplete systems from that do not train a full spectrum of Qigong. Too often we see teachers only teaching light standing Qigong methods. A complete Qigong training method will involve fully dynamic movements that provide deep stretching and strengthening Qigong exercises. Practices such as Standing Qigong and Sitting Qigong are also key elements, but not the end all.

They fit together like a puzzle. “Flow Like Water, Dance Like Fire” Tevia tells his students. White Tiger’s principles is that each person contains Yin and Yang, which equates to water and fire. The body must be able to move flowing and fluid like water, but when there is Yang, that needs to be released with fiery explosive Qigong movements.


3 Stages of Training with White Tiger Qigong


First you must heal yourself. This is the first stage. Healing is both on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Some people may already be in good health, but there are always areas that can be improved. Once you heal yourself the next stage is transformation.


One of the goals in traditional Qigong is transformation. Through our training system we learn how to transform our emotions. By learning how to generate Qi and move it in the body on will will transform your very physical existence. Through Qigong meditation you are able to transform your thoughts, beliefs and on the highest level, your spirit.

Maximum Human Potential

Once you have transformed yourself you may want to explore your maximum human potential. Our system of training allows you to explore your maximum human potential on many levels.


Modern Science Meets Traditional Arts

Tevia Feng has sought to bridge modern science with ancient, traditional training techniques. White Tiger Qigong offers a uniquely designed training system that teaches the practitioner time tested, traditional training methods and principles with modern scientific principles of human anatomy, modern exercise science, muscle fascia research, and more. White Tiger Qigong bridges the new and the old world like never done before.

Qigong Teacher Training

Discover Qigong in-depth like you have never seen before. White Tiger fuses cutting-edge science with ancient Taoist Qigong and created the teacher trainings with professional education experts to provide a world-class Qigong training system.


BNF: Borneo Nature Foundation

Whenever you join a White Tiger Qigong training or purchase a product, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to protecting the rainforests and wild animals in Borneo, Indonesia with the Borneo Nature Foundation.

I have a deep and profound love of nature and wild animals. I believe that it is imperative for us to take responsibility and protect this beautiful earth and the precious beings that we must co-exist with. Talk is not enough, so I has partnered with the Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF). A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the BNF.