8 Trigram

Master Course with Teacher Training Option

Registration Closes and the Course Starts September 1st!

Your opportunity to take a deep dive into the world of White Tiger Qigong and reap the benefits of practising this profound Qigong form

Learn a smoothly flowing Qigong which will

  • strengthen your body
  • promote spinal health
  • improve physiological responses
  • enhance energy flow within your body
  • mobilise your joints 
  • aid in stress-reduction
  • sharpen your mental focus
  • bring emotional balance

It focuses mostly on the core of the body, bowing the spine in just about every direction possible. There is a big emphasis on simultaneously wringing out the meridians of the arms and using the legs as a strong root into the earth.

8 Trigram Qigong achieves all this and more by

8 Trigram Qigong Teacher Training Online

What you can expect from the course



A balanced, yet comprehensive mix of Qigong theory, the science behind it and

  • Mindset training
  • Essential Qigong Theory for Practitioners and Teachers
  • Qigong Meditation
  • Healing Sounds
  • Standing Qigong
  • The neuroscience of Qigong
  • Qigong and the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Qigong Breathing Techniques
  • 8 Taoist Qigong exercises
  • Access to our exclusive and private online community
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Quizzes
  • Meridian Qigong


  • Includes Level 1
  • Align your body and breath
  • Fusing the Sports Science of Fascia, kinetic chains and Qi in Qigong
  • Qi from a scientific perspective
  • Integrating Qi into your practice from a sports science perspective
  • Mastering breath in movement
  • A proven technique to cut your learning time down by months and even possibly years.


  • Includes Levels 1 and 2
  • Tap into flow states in Qigong
  • Discover an inner world and go deep into a trance like state with Qigong to find your true potential
  • Understand spirit of Qigong and how to apply it to your practice

Prescription Qigong

  • Includes Levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Be your own doctor and use Qigong as alternative medicine
  • Fuse modern prescription frameworks from sports medicine, including fascia science, together with ancient frameworks from Chinese Medicine, in an East-meets-West approach. This is a modern, cutting-edge prescription process using ancient Qigong to heal the following:
    • chronic fatigue
    • body pain such as low back, neck, shoulder, and wrist pain
    • adrenal burn out
    • excessive emotions such as stress, anger, grief, sadness
    • More!

Included in this course:

  • Trinity System Chinese Medicine Course
  • Trinity System Fascia Course
  • Prescription Qigong Applications Course

Teacher Training

Become a Qigong teacher! Educate, inspire and assist others on the path of health and well-being. White Tiger Qigong applies a proven modern teaching system created by professional educators to help you achieve your teaching goals.  Come on board and create the Qigong school you dream of.

Included in this course:

  • All Levels
  • How to Teach Qigong
  • How to teach different size classes
  • Course design
  • Qigong as a career
  • Videos of other WTQ teachers teaching Qigong
  • Video analysis test
  • Theory test
  • Opportunity to become a certified White Tiger Qigong teacher
  • Opportunities to become a licensed Qigong School


  • 2 free months membership in our Masterclass
  • 2 free months membership in our Mastermind Group (for level 5 students only)

Community and Connection

  • Build relationships with fellow students through our dedicated community forum. You can create study groups with your peers and create lasting friendships. 
  • Take the opportunity to be mentored by a certified instructor.  You will receive weekly video analysis feedback, study advice and much more. 

Enroll to join the White Tiger Qigong Family today!