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7-Figure Qigong Online Academy Blueprint Workshop

As a Qigong teacher your students are your mission.
You need a plan of action to link your students to your message.
Led by Tevia Feng, the visionary who took White Tiger Qigong from a humble beginning to a global movement.

The 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint helps expand your reach to audiences around the world by offering actionable tools, strategies, individual coaching calls, and more!

Here’s what you can expect to learn…

Your course can revolutionize lives.
Get your message out there with The 7-Figure Qigong Online Academy Blueprint!

An 8-Year Odyssey: From Humble Beginnings to Global Reach

In a modest $150 per month apartment, my journey as Tevia Feng began with nothing but rice noodles to save money and a boundless passion for Qigong. Over eight transformative years, without a dime from investors, I nurtured White Tiger Qigong from a seedling of an idea into a blooming garden of nearly seven-figure sales reality. Now, with the 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint, I am poised to share this harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern strategy, extending a hand to empower you. Together, we can broaden horizons, touch lives globally, and send ripples of positive change across the globe. Our united step brings us closer to a world where the serene art of Qigong fosters holistic wellness, aspiring to resonate with 10% of the global populace, one impactful course at a time.
The strategies encapsulated within White Tiger Qigong have paved the way to well over $1M in annual course sales for multiple years, aiding thousands of students in harmonizing their mental, physical, and spiritual realms.

Even if your student count stands at zero at this moment, the 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint is your springboard to precipitate growth with swift, tangible results. Here’s how…

Milestones of Triumph: A Snapshot of White Tiger Qigong's Journey Under Tevia Feng's Stewardship

  1. Transcendent Course Sales: Surpassed the milestone of selling over 58,000 courses, reflecting a deep resonance with the global community in pursuit of holistic wellness.
  2. Robust Subscriber Community: Fostered a thriving community of over 60,000 subscribers, creating a solid foundation for continuous engagement and growth.

  3. Financial Ascension: Achieved nearly seven figures in annual online course sales, a testament to the potent blend of ancient Qigong practices with modern marketing strategies.

  4. Global Instructor Network: Built a global network of over 100 instructors, expanding the reach and impact of White Tiger Qigong’s teachings across continents.

  5. Educational Excellence: Created over 40 online courses in collaboration with education experts, neuroscientists, and sports science professionals, raising the bar for quality and comprehensive Qigong education.

Tevia Feng Qigong

Reach $1M+ in Annual Course Sales as You Accelerate Each Student’s Wellbeing

With your students at heart, your revenue is key to reaching as many people as possible. That’s where The 7 Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint thrives.

These strategies have routinely empowered Qigong course instructors to achieve well over $1M in annual course sales, and help thousands of students synchronize their bodies mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Even if you have absolutely zero students right now, The 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint can initiate your growth with rapid results. Here’s how…

Reaching Niche Markets

For specific exercise forms and methodologies such as Barre, Meditation, Qigong, Pilates, and Yoga, finding the right audience is key.

Online courses are at a unique advantage by reaching potential students both nationwide and internationally. By signing up, you’ll learn how to connect with and appeal to these unique communities.

Achieving Passive Growth

As a course creator, your time is in demand. That’s why The 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint emphasizes passive course growth.
With this Blueprint, you can leverage actionable strategies that automate your content posting, lead generation, and sales efforts without wasted time.

Effectively Using Analytics

Your analytics tell a story. By understanding the metrics and industry trends driving your course sign-ups, you can transform insight into action.

The 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint not only includes current market reports but also teaches you how to best leverage your data.

Mastering Your Sales Funnel

Every day, tens of thousands of prospective students are searching online for the exact training methodologies covered in your course.

By implementing the website templates, sales funnel elements, and software suggestions included in The 7-Figure Qigong Acadxemy Blueprint, you can save time and capital while skipping straight to proven recommendations.

Start bridging the gap between fitness goals and results for your students by signing up for The 7-Figure Qigong Online Academy Blueprint today!

Who am I?

I started off living in a $150 per month apartment eating rice noodles to save money. I had no help, no funding, and no investors to help me scale White Tiger. Despite this, I eventually grew White Tiger to nearly seven figures in one year in online course sales alone.

I was not an internet marketing expert, I was just a Qigong teacher.

I have a passion for Qigong and have witnessed thousands of lives going through hige transformational change from this practice. I believe we are in a critical time in human history where we need to care about our mental, spiritual, and physical well-being more than ever.

I wanted to make a massive positive impact on people’s lives as well as on our earth. I had already sought out some of the world’s greatest Qigong masters to show me the ancient ways that have worked for thousands of years. Now I needed to learn a new discipline.

The next part of my journey would be to seek out the greatest masters in marketing and business development so I could scale my tiny little bootstrapping Qigong school to take it to the world. I put as much effort into that as I did into my Qigong practice.

You know what? It worked! Now I want to share what I’ve learned with you because I want to amplify this positive impact by working with other White Tiger Qigong teachers in the world to make this life on Earth a paradise once again.

Qigong practice- A group of students practicing qigong together
Overcoming the Challenges Behind Course Growth

Growing an online course, especially for a niche Qigong methodology, is riddled with challenges. Before The 7-Figure Qigong Blueprint was completed, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on R&D.

On top of that, I paid to consult with top branding experts, marketing professionals, and Harvard online course creators to create the best program possible. Now, you can use the lessons learned to streamline your course’s ascent.

So far, you’ve likely run into countless hurdles within the digital realm. After all, you’re a health and wellness professional, not a marketing guru. Nevertheless, you can still overcome the most common challenges stifling your course growth, such as…

These same lessons helped a Qigong course gain 60K subscribers and sell over 58,000 courses, a testament to the power of each ad technique, template, and strategy.

Six Training Levels.
Limitless Growth Potential.

Your sales are the lifeblood of your online course.
By reaching 7-figures in annual revenue, you’re putting yourself in the position to dramatically improve the health of students everywhere, from Anaheim to Zurich.
Here’s what’s covered!

Kick-starting the Perfect Online Course Launch

All too often, Qigong, and Yoga instructors dive into course development, teaching the methodologies that they know best. The result? They develop content without authenticity. Instead, The 7-Figure Qigong Blueprint teaches you how to:

  • Define the value that only your course can bring to the table
  • Develop your mission statement for more purposeful course creation
  • Hone your brand voice to differentiate yourself
  • And more!

This professional branding information is valued at over $30K, and was developed by industry-leading branding experts. The lessons you’ll learn will cover everything from your logo to your story.

Building a Conversion-Oriented Digital Presence

As you develop your course landing page and digital content, The 7-Figure Qigong Blueprint provides the must-know guidance to master your funnel, showing you how to:

  • Build compelling course content, sales pages, and webinars that drive results
  • Leverage timesaving strategies vetted by a leading Harvard online course creator.
  • Cultivate perpetual new students through evergreen webinars that gather leads
  • And more!

Transforming Social Media into a Traffic Powerhouse

Social media is constantly evolving. That’s why your purchase includes step-by-step guidance to launch the optimal posts for explosive growth. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get the most out of top ad platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • How to create ads that get a high ROI.
  • Outsource and schedule posts using a trusted manager
  • And more!

Accelerating Your Growth with Dynamic Digital Channels

Between Google, YouTube, and influencer networks, there are thousands of prospective students waiting to discover your course. Level 4 shows you how to:

  • Elevate the reach and popularity of your YouTube channel
  • Set up Google Ads that achieve high-value click-throughs
  • Put influencers within your niche to work for your course
  • And more!

Between $40K on YouTube channel development and $200K in Google Ad spending, the value within The 7-Figure Qigong Blueprint is backed by proven success strategies.

Sparking Heightened Sales through Value-Driven Marketing

There are specific ways to grow your course while you spend time exercising, enjoying family time, or even sleeping. By signing up, you’ll discover how to:

  • Navigate affiliate marketing, putting countless promoters behind your online course
  • Send perfectly crafted email templates geared toward value-adding content and sales
  • Reach relevant private communities to garner loyal support for your course
  • And more!

Fortifying Your Online Course using Proven Business Techniques

For niche online courses like Qigong, internal management is as important as external outreach. Through The 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint, you’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze current market research within the health and wellness space
  • Develop high-efficiency management techniques that standardize your growth
  • Learn the ideal software stack for your course growth goals
  • And more!

What's Included In Your Course

The 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint goes beyond the 6 Levels alone. Here’s what you can expect when you order today!

7 Figure Qigong Academy Online Blueprint Course

$ 497
  • Forever Access
  • Live Call Recordings
  • 2-Day Online Workshop
Your Qigong Adacemy can transform the lives of countless students worldwide!
Now it’s time to make others aware of it. To take the next step on the path to rapid growth, sign up for The 7-Figure Qigong Academy Blueprint today!