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Get Up To 37% OFF When You Complete The White Tiger Qigong Trinity System

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As you practice each form inside 5 Element Qigong, you’ll begin to balance the organs and meridians in the body.

In a moment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the login information you need to get started.

But first, I wanted to let you know that you’ve been confirmed for a special one-time offer that can help you expand your knowledge of Qigong and take you to the next level of human potential faster!

Here’s what it’s about…

Trinity System

At the core of White Tiger Qigong is something called the Trinity System.

It consists of three ancient Taoist systems of Qigong that I believe are the most effective forms of Qigong for modern-day life.

I often refer to them as “Functional Qigong” because each style allows both beginners and advanced practitioners to reach a high-level proficiency quickly and work deep into the body.

The 5 Element Qigong is one of the three styles in the Trinity System…

And right now, for a limited time, you’re eligible to complete the Trinity System and save up to

8 Trigram Organ Qigong Online Course

The course offers a more gentle and flowing Qigong style. Consisting of 8 movements each form is designed chain-linked to the next. This creates seamless transitions that make for a great moving meditation.

While the 5 Element Qigong offers a deep squeeze to the organs, the 8 Trigram Qigong offers a more gentle and smooth massage of the organs through rhythmic, flowing movements.

You’ll focus on rooting your legs into the earth and then discover how to bow your spine in every direction possible while simultaneously wringing out the meridians in the arms.

5 Animal Qigong Online Course

This dynamic Qigong style is a Complete Medical Qigong System. It was created by the famous Chinese Medicine practitioner, Hua Tou (110-207 A.D, who is known as the Father of Chinese Medicine.

The Five Animal Qigong was designed as a Medical Qigong system to heal disease and bring balance to emotions and body.

You’ll discover how to achieve peak physical performance through powerful movements that not only strengthen and loosen up the body but bring elasticity, flexibility, suppleness, and more.

This is taught in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program you’ll learn 5 forms, each with 4 variations integrating the meridians, acupuncture points, the five organs, and bone Qi. With 8 Trigram Organ Qigong and the 5 Animal Qigong courses added to your library, you’ll have the complete Trinity System.

But that’s not all I want to give you...

Primordial Breath Qigong Online Course

While not officially part of the Trinity System, the Primordial Breath Qigong Course is a great compliment.

Dating back to over 2,000 years ago, this style of Qigong was first written about in the ancient book Dao De Jing by Lao Zi.

These profound breathing and meditation techniques will help you unravel the layers of deep programming from society, media, family, culture, and more to peer inside the very core of ourselves.

This is great for people interested in longevity, growth hackers, human potential seekers, martial artists, yogis, high-performance individuals, people who want to greatly enhance their concentration abilities or reach new depths of the human experience.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get With This Bundle

Course 1

8 Trigram Organ Qigong Course

  • 69 HD video lessons

  • 8 Powerfully transformative, deep, dynamic healing Qigong exercises

  • Special Qigong Breathing techniques

  • Qigong Meditation

  • Qigong Meridian Warm-Up Exercises

  • Qigong Theory in depth

  • Fascia and its unique role in this Qigong

  • Anatomy of 8 Trigram Organ Qigong

  • Chinese Medicine applications of 8 Trigram Organ Qigong

  • Downloadable PDFs with high-resolution photos

  • Quiz and answer

Course 2

5 Animal Qigong Online Course

  • 52 Video Lessons!

  • Five Animal Instructional Qigong Videos

  • Ancient Chinese Medicine and its relationship to Qigong

  • Fascia and its relationship to 5 Animal Qigong

  • Anatomy of each Animal Qigong form

  • Chinese Medicine Relationship of each Animal Qigong form

  • The fascia of each Animal Qigong form

  • Instructions and high def photos of each Animal Qigong form

  • Fascia Notes

  • Downloadable PDFs with high resolution photos

  • Quiz and answer

Course 3

Primordial Breath Qigong Online Course

  • An ancient guided Qigong breathing meditation over 2000 years old

  • Qigong meditation recorded with neuro-acoustics and binaural beats to get you into the meditative state quickly

  • How to tap into alternate states of consciousness and flow states naturally

  • How to pulse your third eye

  • How to pulse Qi energy outwards or bring it inwards to store it

  • How to harmonize your breath, body, and spirit into one force

  • The secret of the Golden Elixir Breathing Qigong

  • Primordial Breath theory class

This Is The Only Time You’ll Have Access To This Bundle At This Price

As I mentioned before, as a new 5 Element Qigong customer, you’ve already been confirmed eligible for this special offer.

Which means I’ve gone ahead and made it easy to add this bundle to your order.

All you need to do is tell me you’d like access to the bundle and choose the options below that suit you best.

All three of these additional courses will be immediately added to your account in the member’s area.

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Option 1

One-time payment
(37% OFF)
  • 8 Trigram = $1,495
  • Animal = $197
  • Primordial Breath = $99
  • Total RRP = $445
Yes, I Want This Bundle

Option 2

Two-time payment for 2 months (33% OFF)
  • 8 Trigram = $1,495
  • Animal = $197
  • Primordial Breath = $99
  • Total RRP = $445
Yes, I Want This Bundle

Option 3

Three-time payment for 3 months (33% OFF)
  • 8 Trigram = $1,495
  • Animal = $197
  • Primordial Breath = $99
  • Total RRP = $445
Yes, I Want This Bundle