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Want a simple and natural way to experience better health, more vitality, and inner peace?

The 5 Forms of Qigong Reveals The 5 Element Qigong Workout System To Spark Mind-Body-Spirit Transformation

Discover a secret healing system used by ancient Taoist monks to let go of stress and achieve health, happiness, peace of mind, ultimate mobility and peak performance.

What is 5 Element Qigong?

If you want a low impact workout you can practice in one place that is a mix of deep movement coupled with meditation…

And if you like to be grounded and experience deep stretches while strengthening the body at the same time…

You’re going to love 5 Element Qigong.

This 1,200+ year old dynamic workout system harnesses movement and breath to reduce stress on the body, increase blood flow, and improve your overall fitness and longevity.

When practicing 5 Element Qigong you’ll perform sets of 5 different exercises each resembling the movements of a different animal.

Each movement is related to one of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) and their associated organs and meridians.

Similar to a gentle slow flowing Yoga, the exercises in this ancient workout system are designed to be low impact and easy to learn regardless of your age or athletic ability.

You experience a great workout that clears your mind and energizes your body without beating up your joints or leaving you too sore for life’s daily activities.

What’s more, no special equipment is required so you can perform these exercises anywhere you feel comfortable; at home, in a park, or at the gym.

Ready to give it a try for yourself?

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5 ELEMENT QIGONG: 5 Ancient Qigong Exercises for Ultimate Health and Longevity

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Written in a clear and concise way the book is easy to read, understand, and apply.

Plus, at 144 pages, you can finish it in one sitting and begin practicing what you learn the following day.

Using this ebook as your guide, you can begin with a simple 15 minute daily Qigong practice and build up to a full 45-60min workout designed to:

Many students have reported the following benefits after making 5 Element Qigong part of their daily routine.

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What Everyone Is Saying About White Tiger Qigong

Béatrice | New Caledonia

“I have been practicing White Tiger Qigong for four months now and it is very beneficial for me. Suffering from various ailments (fatigue, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, etc), I have already seen an improvement. With White Tiger QiGong I gain muscle strength, I learn to relax, to breathe and my organs are strengthened. It is a practice that brings a lot of energy and is very beneficial for all people who have bad conditions and even for those who are in good shape.”

David Wilson | United Kingdom

“My initial reasons for wanting to study and practice Qigong were to support my own rehabilitation post-knee surgery, whilst pursuing my desire to train in a dynamic mind-body-centered practice, that had a respected and sound moral code, and which would also provide tools to center and quieten the mind.”

Doriane Gillet | France

"Tevia is one-of-a-kind teacher and I recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Qi Gong, to improve his/her own practice, or to discover Qi Gong, to participate in one of Tevia's courses or books. I got a better understanding of my body and ways to respect it and keep in good health, through Qigong movements, breathing techniques, and meditation.”

About Tevia Feng

Tevia Feng is the Master Instructor and Founder of White Tiger Qigong.

Having started Qigong at 7 years old, he has spent his entire life studying Qigong, traveling around the world to train a variety of styles of Qigong with different masters. He has taught thousands of students across the globe from over 40 different countries.

Today, he’s teamed up with professional education experts, fascia experts, neuroscientists, anatomists, and acupuncturists to combine cutting-edge science with ancient healing exercises.

Committed to spreading the power of Qigong, Tevia has created some of the most comprehensive and advanced Qigong instructionals released online today.

And qigong practitioners, professional healthcare workers, fitness enthusiasts, bio-hackers, and spiritual seekers – from around the globe – sign up to learn his unique East meets West approach to health and longevity.

Open Your Mind and Invigorate Your Body Today!

Discover a secret healing system used by ancient Taoist monks to let go of stress and achieve health, happiness, and peace of mind.