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14 Meridian Qigong Set

Category: Date: 4 December 2012 Comments: 2

Meridians form a network of energy pathways in the body under the skin, in the tissues that connect to the organs and run from the head and abdomen, as well as the feet and hands. The acupuncture points run along these Meridian Pathways. In Chinese Medicine (TCM) they say that our Meridians are like rivers and streams that connect to our organs, which are like oceans and lakes. Like all things in Daoist beliefs we are a microcosm of nature and the universe. The phrase “Fourteen Channels” or “14 Meridians” is a general term for the twelve regular channels connecting with the internal organs, plus the REN and DU channels otherwise known as the Governing and Conception Vessels.

When I teach Qigong here in Bali, the first set I teach is the 14 Meridian Flow Qigong Set. The reason is that before we begin to do the other exercises we first should open up the 14 Meridians pathways. Many diseases and illness result as a blockage in the meridian channels so that the qi or energy cannot circulate properly. The result is like a river that has been blocked up, it will eventually swell, and like a river cause “flooding”. This can result in symptoms such as swelling, inflammation, fatigue, and lack of circulation, pain and so on. If the problems persists it can cause damage to the internal organs.  In 14 Meridian Flow Qigong set we are creating a flow of Qi from our Dan Tian to our extremities and back to our Dan Tian again. Our breath and our Yi (intention) lead the qi flow. On every inhalation you draw the focus back to your Dan Tian, on every exhalation you lead the Qi to the extremity or the part of body that you are moving. Each exercise has a stretch that reaches its limit so that the movement will also help guide the Qi there.

What makes this Qigong, Qigong?

Intention + Breathing + Movement


Regulating Water and Fire in the 14 Meridian Flow Set

As I have stated in my previous blogs as well as when I teach Qigong here in Bali, I always teach the need for regulating water and fire. We have two primary ways of 14 Meridians Flow Set. One is water way, which is practiced at a slower, more meditative pace and has smooth, fluid motions with rhythm. The Fire set is practiced with much more intensity and is releasing. There are different ways to pump the Dan Tian using fire way, which create a pump of qi to the extremities. At my Qigong classes here in Bali I usually teach 4 Gate Breathing before I go into the 14 Meridian Flow Set. This gives the student the idea of how the internal qi flow should be working. It is real simple, when we inhale, we inhale into the Dan Tian (lower abdomen) and then we exhale leading the qi to the extremities. Each movement within the 14 Meridian Flow Set is designed so that the movement helps guide the qi to the extremities, with each movement in a different way, thus opening the meridian channels of the body:


14 Meridian List

 – Stomach

– Lungs

– Brain

– Gallbladder

– Liver

– Triple Heater (Thyroid and Adrenals)

– Heart

– Back/ Governing

– Spleen/ Pancreas

– Small Intestine

– Circulatory/ Sex

– Kidney

– Large Intestine

– Bladder


Duration of Practice and Timing of Breath:

According to The Nan Jing -The Classic of Difficulties, Chapter 23

(one of the four foundational texts of Chinese Medicine): Qi and Blood move through the meridians at the rate of six cun* for each complete inhalation and exhalation.  The total length of the Meridians and Collaterals equals 1620 cun. 1620 divided by 6 equals 270, so the Nan Jing states 270 breaths are required for Qi to make one complete cycle through the body.  However, this number could vary based on a person’s breath rate.  If a person breathes 14 times/minute, it will take 20 minutes (270/14) for Qi to make a complete cycle.  If a person breathes 18 times/minute, only 15 minutes (270/18) will be needed for Qi to make the complete cycle.  Therefore the duration of the 14 Meridian full practice can be calculated around 15-20 minutes.  If practiced fire way, the duration would be shorter as the breathing is more intense.            *Cun is a Chinese proportional unit of length

Benefits of 14 Meridian Flow Qigong Include:

  •     Improved circulation
  •     Better digestion
  •     Strengthened tendons, joints , muscles and ligaments
  •     Increased flexibility; muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments
  •     Enhanced Qi flow
  •     Improved kidney and bowel function
  •     Strengthened Immune system
  •     Improved blood flow
  •     Expanded lung capacity
  •     Balanced bodily function

I teach the 14 Meridian Flow Qigong Set weekly in Bali, Indonesia. Email us if you are interested in a 14 Meridian Flow Qigong Workshop please see here


Martial arts and Qigong in Bali, Indonesia

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